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A generic term for gay people of either gender , one of many terms proposed as a substitute for homosexual by people who feel that word is etymologically bias and confusing since homo means same or man , in which case it excludes women. Other terms suggested include: controsexual ; feminosexual (as opposed to homo , men); herosexual ; homogenic ; homophile ; homophile ; intersexual ; isosexual .

Quote: Lawrence Paros in The Erotic Tongue (1984): ' Gay did not become associated with simulsex (early-20 th C .) activity until the early part of the twentieth century, and then it was primarily underground. It didn't go-public with this meaning until 1925, with the gay boy in Australia, and 1935 in the United States in the film Bringing Up Baby , in which Cary Grant donned a dress and commented how he had gone gay . Between 1955 and 1960, it captured everyone's fancy , culminating in the joyous outburst of the seventies .' Cary Grant is wearing Katherine Hepburn's pink negligé and when he is aked by the aunt why is he dressed in that (negligé) he jumps high up and shouts: ' Because I suddenly went gay! '

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