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Jocular reference to a wife or mate , based on : ' honey do this, honey do that '.
See Also: bee-hive, beehive, big game, brand name, BTDT, candy-leg, doing handiwork, doing it, doing the thang, doughed-up darling, generous keeper, gold mine, hive, honey, honey pot, honey-do, honeypot, love nuts, pay papa, pursonality papa, rig a jig, sugar bowl, sugar daddy, sugar papa, winnie

Quotes Containing honey-do:
Caroline (Andie MacDowell) and Charles (Hugh Grant) in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1993): - Carrie: ''Why do you think it''s called honeymoon?'' - Charles: ''Hmmm, I don''t know . I-suppose it''s honey because it''s sweet as honey and moon because it''s the first time a husband got to see his wife''s bottom .''
Honey (Sally Kirkland) and Rosie (Jean Willis) about Buffalo Bill Cody in Bite the Bullet (1975): - Honey: ''Wasn''t he the fastest gun in the West?'' - Rosie: ''Only in bed , kiddo.''
Jo (Rita Tushingham) in A Taste of Honey (1962): ''I''m not just talented, I''m geniused!''
Sharon Winters (Dtscry Walker) in A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine (1966): ''I may be a bitch , but I''ll never be butch!''
Gloria Paterson (Helen Broderick) to Nicole De Cortillon (Danielle Darrieux) on how to catch a rich husband in The Rage of Paris (1938): ''The way to a man''s heart is through his eyes , honey . That''s the modern version. He believes what he sees , and takes bicarbonate of soda for his indigestion instead of a wife that can cook.''
Truvy Jones (Dolly Parton) to Shelby Eatenton (Julia Roberts) in Steel Magnolias (1989): ''Honey! Time marches on and eventually you realise it''s marching across your face .''
Andrew Dice Clay guest starring on the Rodney Dangerfield comedy special Nothin'' Goes Right (1988): "My girlfriend , she''s like: ''What about foreplay?'' I go: ''Honey, didn''t I slap you around already today?''"
Barbara Willis (Mary Astor), a married-woman confessing a moment of weakness with Dennis Carson (Clark Gable), and Vantine (Jean Harlow) in Red Dust (1932): - Barbara: ''It was one-of-those excitement-of-the-moment things. '' - Vantine: ''Well, watch out for the next moment, honey , it''s longer than the first .''
Fat Sam (John Cassini) and Tallulah (Jodie Foster) in Bugsy Malone (1976): - Fat Sam: ''Tallulah! You spend more time putting yourself up than there are hours in the day.'' - Tallulah: ''Listen, honey! If I didn''t look this good you wouldn''t give me the time of day.''
Michael (Timothy Dalton) and his bride Marlo (Mae West), in Sextette (1978): - Sir Michael Barrington: ''All these people clutching at you, always wanting something. As for your manager, he really rubs me the wrong way .'' - Marlo Manners: ''Don''t worry, honey , I''ll rub you the right way .''
Michael/Dorothy (Dustin Hoffman) to Ron (Dabney Coleman) in Tootsie (1982): - Ron: ''Tootsie, take ten .'' - Dorothy: ''Ron, my name is Dorothy. It''s not Tootsie or Toots or Sweety or Honey or Doll.'' - Don: ''Oh! Christ!'' - Dorothy: ''No, just Dorothy. Now Allen is always Allen, Tom is always Tom, and John is always John. I have a name too. It''s Dorothy. Capital D , o, r, o, t, h, y. Dorothy.''

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