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one of those:

Disparaging epithet used by heterosexuals to refer to a person suspected of being homosexual .
See Also: 1-2-1, 10-Pounder, 175, 175er, 24/7/365, 3-Fs, 34 1/2, 3P, 411, 50:50, 59ing, 606, 63, 69, 900 number, a bit of crumpet, a bit of fat, a bit of raspberry, a bit of rough, a bit of skin, a-buck, a-bucking, a2m, abandonment (of a spouse), abduction (play), aberration, abnormal chromosome effects, abnormal presentation, abortion law, abortionist, absolute inversion, ace poker, acquaintance, acquaintance rape, active, active castration complex, Adam, adamatical, adamic, adamical, adamite, adelphirexia, adelphithymia, adelphogamy, adelphogomous, adolescent homosexuality, advancing years, affair, affair of love, afgay, afghan, after-market, agape, agapism, age, age of majority, agedness, aging actress, agnuopia, agoraphobia, alamo!, all butched up, all the way, alley cat, alloandrism, allogynia, allonemia, allorgasmia, alpha and omega, alprosradil, alternative lovestyle, ambibiosis, ambisexuality, amblyopic organ, amelotasis, American trombone, ammunition whore, amorist, amorous paranoia, amputation fetish(ism), amputee fetish(ism), anagapesis, anal fetishism, anal play, anal sexual play, analism, anatomically correct, androgyne, androgynophilia, androgynous fucking, angel, angelcakes, anisogamia, ankle-biter, anorchia, anus, aphallatosis, appetence, appetency, appetite, apple of one's eye, ardor veneris, Are you keeping it for the worms?, arrow, ars musica, arse pirate, article, asexualization, ashes hauled, ass in a sling, ass man, ass-kissing, ass-licking, ass-out, ass-to-mouth, asshole bandit, asshole buddy, assume the position, autagonistophilia, auto-fisting, auto-genital stimulation, autoagonistophilia, autoassassinatophilia, autoassassinophilia, autodermatophagia, autofetishism, autopederasty, autophagy, autophilia, autosadism, autoscophilia, autoscopophilia, autumn of life, B.V., baby boom, Baby Gets Clean, baby pro, babycakes, bach, bach it, bach night, bachelor bait, bachelor girl, bachelor night, backside artist, bacterial vaginosis, bad boy, bad date, bad-ass, baked alaska, baked ass, ball and chain, ball wracker, ball-breaker, ball-buster, ballooning effect, ballroom, balls in a sling, banana, bang, bang-bang-bang, bank, barber's chair, bareback rider, bargain basement, bart, bash leather, bat, bat one's eyes at, bat up, battle-axe, bayonet, bazookas, be at number one, be sick, beads, beard, beard flit, bearded clam, beast, beast with two backs, beat it while the beating is good, beat of one's heart, beat the gun, beat to it, beau nasty, Beaulah, beaver fryer, beaver patrol, beaver pose, beaver posse, beaver shooter, beaver shot, become a lady, bed bunny, bedbug, bedmate, beef bags, beetle, bejonkers, beldam(e), belly woman, beloved, belt, Ben Wa Balls, bender, berthas, best girl, better fraction, better half, Betty Swollocks, bicycle rider, bidet, big game, big legs, big piece of meat, big-ass, bigamy, Bihari procedure, bike, Bill, bimbo, binding, bing-bang-thank-you-mam, bio boy, bird dog, birdcage, birth control clinic, birthday attire, birthday clothes, birthday gear, birthday suit, bisexuality, bit of cauliflower, bit of crumb, bit of ebony, bit of fat, bit of goods, bit of jam, bit of mutton, bit of raspberry, bit of rough, bit of skin, bit of skirt, bit of spare, bitch, bitch magnet, bitch-queen, Bite of the Boar, bitter half, bivirist, blast off, blaze the trail, bloke, bloody flag is up, the, blow a kiss, blow off, blow off on the groundsels, blow one's wad, blow stick, blow the groundsels, bludgeon, blue handkerchief, blue joke, blue skin, bod, body odor, body worship, body's captain, bon vivant, bone, bone-up, boneless stiff, boo, boodle, booger, boosies, boot slave, bordello, bored, boss pimp, boss player, bottom's up, bowl of wax fruit, bowlegged, box the compass, boy toy, bra-burner, brasser, bread, break, break in the balls, break luck, breaking luck, breast man, bright specimen, a, broken her teacup, bronc, bronco, bronk, brother, brought out, brown eye miner, brown sugar, browning, bubbies, bubble-gummer, bubby circus, bubby heaters, buddy, buff, buffle, bug up the ass, bully, bum chain, bum plumber, bump-n-run, bumper, bungie-boy, bunker, bunkie, bunky, bunny fuck, Burlap sister, Burmese balls, burn out, bury the wick, bush, bush child, business, bust a nut, busters, bustle, butch as Kong, butch femme, butched up, butcher, butt in, butt out!, butter and dash, buttered bun, buttinsky, buttock, button mushroom, button-short, C-food, cab-moll, cake, call house, call of nature, Call wardrobe!, Camille, camp, camp culture, camp it up, camp names, can entertain, candida vaginal infection, candy-assed, candy-maker, cane, canoodle, canoodler, cantaloupes, captain has come, captain is at home, captivate, caress, carezza, carnal desire, carpenters dream, carry off one's feet, Casanova, casigamy marriage, casimeria, castrato, cat around, cat call, cataphilist, caught between the pointers and setters, cavaliere servente, cave, cave man, cave of harmony, CDA, CDT, ceiling inspector, chance sandwich, chancroid, change one's luck, charactronym, charcoal blossom, charcoal lily, charmer, cheap thing, cheat, cheeker, cheesing, chemise, cherry in the hand, cherry ripe, cherry-merry, chezolagnia, Chicago Society for Human Rights, chichis, chick with stick, chickabiddy, chicken hawk, chicken ranch, chicken-on-a-spit, chimney sweep, chin-strap, chipmunk, chippy on, chitty-faced, chlamydia, Chlamydia trachomatis, chocolate drop, chorophobia, chrematisophilia, Christine, Christine Jorgensen, chronophilia, chuck the muck, chum, chumbawumbas, cinch, Cinderella, cingulomania, circle, circle jerk, circus, circus love, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, clap with one hand, clapometer, click right off the bat, closet, the, club, club date, club sandwich, co husband, co wife, cock, cock and ball harness, cock harness, cock of the walk, cock-a-fanny, cockatrice, cockbiter, cockhound, cockquean, cockroach, cocksman, Cockzilla, codger, Cogito, ergo sum, cohabit, coitus à cheval, coitus ante portas, coitus inter femora, coitus interfemoris, coitus legitimus, coitus wheel, cojones, comarital, combustoflatulation, come across, come out, come out of the closet, come out to oneself, come-freak, come-queen, come-up-and-see-me-sometime look, coming, coming into your own, coming out, coming out of the closet, coming out process, commit to someone, common carrier, Communications Decency Act, community chest, condom, condom earring, condyloma (acuminata), constable, contrasexual, controsexual, cop and blow, copulate, copulation, core gender identity, cornhole palace, cotquean, count ceiling tiles, coup de foudre, couple-to-couple, courtesan, covert homosexual, cow, crack it, cream in one's coffee, cream of the crop, cream one's knickers, cream one's pants, cream one's silkies, crib, crib-house, crimson crowbar, cross-dressing, crotch voyeur, crumpet, crunch queen, crush, crusty beau, cryptorchidism, cuckold, cuckold the parson, cuckoldry, Cui peccare licet peccat minus, cum, cum drum, cum-freak, cumdrum, cundum, cunt, cupcakes, Cupids kettledrums, curb crawl, curb crawling, current excitement, custom-house, cut him off, cutty-eye, cystitis, dacrylagnia, dagger, damaged goods, dame, darling, darlink, dash, date, date of menarche, De duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum, dead beat of one's heart, Dear John, dear one, debauchee, debut, declining years, defecation, deficiency love, defloration, deflowering, deft-and-dumb, Delilah syndrome, deliver a baby, delusional jealousy, depersonalization, derriere, desertion, desire phase, desire stage, deuterition, deuterogamy, devilette, devirgination, diapnolagnia, dick-teaser, die for, digamy, dill, dippoldism, dirk, dirty old man, dirty spot, dirty weekend, discipline, discover gender, discover one's gender, dishabillopedia, displaceability of libido, displacement, diuresis, diurnal pollution, divining rod, do one's office, do the beast with two backs, do the bowling hold, do the chores, do the right thing, do the two-backed beast, docking, Doering Rule, dogging, dollar-an-inch man, dollink, dolly-mop, dolo, dom-sub, domestic partner, domination and submission, donar, dont fight it, its bigger than both of us, dork, double bagger, double butterfly, double cross, double dong, double doorknob (buttplug), double dude, double event, double feature, double moral standard, double sexual standard, double standard, double up on, double-clock, double-clocker, double-crosser, doughed-up darling, Dowager Queen, drab, drabble-tail, drag show, draggle-tail, drain off, drain the rad, drain the radiator, drama queen, Dreadnought, drive-thru, droit du seigneur, drop beads, drop one's beads, drop one's cookies, drop ones load, drop the plate, dry fuck, dry hump, dry rub, dual masturbation, duck-butt, duffis, Dulcinea, dummy, dunkie, dusky dame, eager beaver, easy lay, easy make, easy mark, easy meat, easy ride, easy rider, easy woman, eating out, elderliness, emission, emission phase, end, Engirix B, Enovid, epicene, epicenism, erotica, erotogenicity, escort agency, escort service, eunuch, Eves custom-house, excremental engineer, exercise one's marital rights, explain the chain, expose onself, express queen, eye, eye of the ass, eye that weeps most when best pleased, eye to eye, factory equipped, fag-lang, faglish, fair game, fairy, fall in love (with), fallen star, fam, fancy, fancy man, fancy-pants, fans her pussy, fast fuck, Fat Frank, Fat Injection, fat one, fat-ass, favor, favorite dish, feed the pussy, feel funny about, feel the Colt's tooth, fem, feminacy, feminine heart pumper, femme, femoke, femoral coitus, femoral intercourse, fence, ferry, fervent, fervid, fetishizing, ficaro, fifty-fifty, fill one with come, fine figure, finger, firm worm, first, first base, first stage of ejaculation, first-timer, fish, fish supper, five against one, five on one, five-minute shack up, fix someone up, fladge, flag, flag-about, flagger, flagpole, flannel-shirt dyke, flash, flash in the pan, flat tire, flea and louse, flesh sandwich, flinking, flirtatious, flirty, floater, flogging cully, floozy, flophouse, fluzie, flying the red flag, fool trap, forbidden fruit, forest, fornicate, fornication, fornicator, four-letter word, free for all, free holder, free lover, frenchified, fresh bit, fresh meat, fresh stock, Freudian, frictation, friend has come, frig, front marriage, fruitnugget, fuck around, fuck the fist, fuck your fist, fuck-me pumps, fucked by the fickle finger of fate, fucks anything on two legs, fucks anything with a hole in it, full-bosomed figure, full-figured, funk stick, fuzz face, G-spot, the, gagger, Gail, gal, Gallic disease, gamahuche, ganzabil, garbage woman, gardnerella, Gardnerella vaginalis, gaucho, gay chicken, gay girl, gay lingo, gay slang, gay woman, gaylese, gayness, gaytalk, gazongas, geisha balls, gender dysphoria, gender identity, genital herpes, genital herpes simplex virus, genital warts, gestation, get, get a little, get on ones prick, get on ones wick, get one's bed, get one's greens, get to first base, gin-and-fuck-it, ginch, Ginger, ginger girl, girl, girlie, give up rhythm, glad rags, glass asshole, globular hemispheres, go all the way, go domestic, go down, go Hollywood, go public, go the length, go the limit, go the whole way, going down (like a submarine), gold mine, gold-miner, golden age, golden shower, golden years, golden-ager, gone case, good figure, good looker, gooseberry den, gorilla pimp, grab a bird, grande passion, grandma, grant a favor, grant favors, grant sexual favors, grant the favor, grapes, grass-back, Greek god, green goods, green goose, green pee, greens, the, grids, grimm's fairy, grind, ground rations, groupie, grousegrunt, grow on, growler, guavas, gun, gussy up, gutter limits, guy, gym, gymnasium, gynaecologist, gynecologist, H, had'em, hair-job, hairy bit, hairy-chested, half-virgin, hammering, hand ball, hardcore pornography, harm, Harvard style, has-been, hat rack, have a little death, have one's aunt, have one's auntie with one, have ones greens, hawk one's meat, hawk one's pearly, he-male, he-man, headache, headlamps, headlights, hear the call, heart, heart and soul, heart's desire, heartthrob, heaven, heavy date, hedge whore, hedge-creeper, hedonism, heel, hemale, hemispheres, hermaphrodite, herosexual, heterovalent, hey-hey hussy, hide the candy, high Russian, highway queen, his lordship, His Majesty in purple cap, hit and run sex, hit it off, hit the sheets, hits both ways, hobbler, hobby horse, hog, hold a bowling ball, hole, hole in one, hole out in one, a, holer, Holland, home base, home plate, home run, homicidophilia, homogenic, homogenitalism, homogenitality, homoism, homophylophilia, honey fuck, honey man, honeycakes, honeyfuck, honeymoon, honeymoon bladder, honeymoon cystitis, honeysuckle vine, honkies, hook shop, hootchy-kootchy, hopped-up job, hopping bug, horned, hornified, horny, horse and buggy fuggy, horseman, hot as a firecracker, hot baby, hot flash, hot flush, hot pudding for supper, house of assignation, HPV, hum-yum girl, human papilloma virus, hump, hump your fist, humper, Hundred-And-Seventy-Fiver, hunk of ass, hunk of beef, hunk of butt, hunkorama, hunky, hurl, hurt not harm, husband, husband's supper, hygrophilematous, hyperphilia, hysteroscopy, iceberg, icebox, icicle, ID, idiogamist, illegal cohabitation, illicit relations, illicit sex, impotence, impotent, in between, in drab, in full feather, in full fig, in gear, in one's Sunday best, in one's Sunday clothes, in the closet, in the saddle, in up to the eyes, in up to the gills, in-call, in-group, in-law, inamorata, inamorato, incest, incest taboo, incontinent, industrial debutante, inexperienced, infantilism, infatuate, infidelity, innocent girl, insertor, inside-out strip, intact, interfemoral intercourse, intergenerational relationship, intersexual, intimacy, intracrural intercourse, intromission, inunctionism, invert, inverted nipple, invirility, involutional depression, ipserotic, Irish root, isosexual, It girl, jab, jacksie, jailhouse pussy, jake-drinker, January and May marriage, jelly juice, Jericho, jerk, jerk juice, jewel coaxer, jilted, jock itch, jockstrap itch, Joe Doe, Joe Zilch, John Doe, John Thomas, johnny-come-lately, Jorgensen, joy juice, joygasm, jubblies, jublies, juice, jump off/out at..., jump the gun, junior, jus primae noctis, karezza, karma, keeping cully, kidney wiper, King Kong Dong, King Neptune, king triad, kinky, Kinsey Report, Kinsey Six, kiss, kiss and tell, knock, lady of easy virtue, lady-killer, lamma hutching, Lavender Menace, lawful wife, lay eyes on, lay it out, lay one's eyes on, leading article, learn a new way, leather, Leather Lane, leg, leg man, lemons, lick, licker, lie in a state, lift a leg, light of one's eyes, light of one's life, light-o'-love, light-of-love, lily of the valley, linguist, lip, lip-sucking kiss, little brother, little charmer, little death, Little Genie, Little Miss Roundheels, live one, load, loaded gun, loaves, long and short of it, the, Long Dong Silver, long eye, look bar, lose it, lose one's cherry, lose the old head over, love, love at first blush, love at first sight, love buds, love favor, love life, love muffins, love of one's life, the, love philter, love potion, love scene, love-hate, lovebirds, loved one, lovee, lovelorn, lovemaking, lovey-dovey, low road, lulus, macaroni, mack man, macromastia, magic wand, main, main bitch, main dish, main hole, main piece, main squeeze, Major Woody, make an honest woman of, make bedroom eyes at, make eyes at, make love, make the beast with two backs, making love, making the beast with two backs, male chauvinist pig, mammary mounds, man, man trap, mangle, manglish, mangoes, mankind, mantrap, marble palace, marriage in name only, marshmallows, masturbate, masturbation, masturbation-female, masturbation-male, maypole, MCP, McQ, measurements, meat, meat loaves, meat market, meatballs, melons, Member for Cockshire, menage a trois, menstruation, mercy fuck, mermaid, mess with nature, metamorphosis sexualis paranoia, milk buckets, milk sacks, misogynist, misogyny, Miss America Pageant, Miss Tijuana, missis, Mister Happy, Mister Poky, Mister Wiggly, mixoscopia, momism, monogamous, monogamy, monophobia, mooky, moon, mooning, Morbus Gallicus, Morbus Hispanics, Morbus Indicus, Morbus Neapolitanus, mother, mother-in-law, mouse, movie rating system, Mr. Blank, Mr. Right, Mrs. Blank, Mrs. Right, Mrs. Warren's girl, muffins, mug, mulatto, multiple climax, multiple orgasm, murphies, mutton dagger, mutual masturbation, naked, natural child, neck, neckers knob, nether end, nether eye, nippers, nonsexist language, novercaphobia, number one, number three, number two, nut-cruncher, O.A.O., object of one's affection, octoroon, old bat, old battle-axe, old codger, old hat, old ladies homes, old one-eye, old timer, omnibus, omnisexual, on the fence, oncer, one and only, one hand clapping, one handed clapping, one minute fuck, one of the knights, one's everything, one's own, one's person, one's weakness, one-2-one, one-arm driver, one-eye(d), one-eyed snake, one-eyed trouser snake, one-night stand, one-nighter, one-way, onicker, onliest, oomph, open up, opposite sex, optophobia, orchidectomy, Oreo cookie, orgasm, other half, other woman, the, out, outed, over the hill, pad, Paddy, pair of Cupids kettledrums, pair of headlights, pair of kettledrums, palimony, pancakes, panel, panel house, pansexual, panty, panty hose, papa cherry, papayas, paraphilic adolescentilism, paraphilic juvenilism, part-timer, partial to, party, party girl, pash, patootie, pay papa, PC muscle, peaches, pearl diver, pears, Pedro, peg, peg-boy, pelvic inflammatory disease, pen bait, penile braggart, penis muliebris, personification, peter out, philanderer, philter, phonophobia, physic face, piccolo, pichon, pick a rosebud, picker-upper, pimp, pimping, pimpmobile, pin, pin-up, pinup, pinup boy, pissing for shits and giggles, pitch a tent, pitcher, pity fuck, plant a big one, plant one, plant one's wild oats, plant the oats, plant wild oats, play around (with), play doctor, play games with, player, playgirl, pleaser, plough, plow, pocket polka, pocket twister, pocket waltz, pole work, polish one's ass on the top sheet, ponce off, poo-bah, poodle queen, pop a cherry, pop off, pop ones cork, pop the cork, pornography, position, potatoes, pound leather, pranny, pratt, pre-cum, pre-orgasmic woman, preferred stock, pregnant, pretty-boy, prick-scourer, prick-skinner, prick-teaser, primary syphilis, Princeton rub, Princeton style, private property, Privy Member, promiscuous, prong, proper Casanova, a, prospector, prostitute, prune person, psychobabble, public convenience, pubococcygeal muscle, pubococcygeous muscle, pubococcygeus, pudding, pudendum, pull, pulse accelerator, pulse upperer, pump handle, punani, punch, punchboard, puppy love, Purple Hand, The, pursonality papa, pushing box, put horns on, put it about, put the horns on, quadroon, quandong, queen, Queen of Hearts, queen on a broomstick, queen triad, queen's vernacular, queenie, Qui dormit, non peccat, quick in-and-out job, a, quick one, quick piece (of ass), quick push, quick sex, quickie, ram-bam-thank-you-ma'am, ramming, Ramona Rottencrotch, rancid flower, rantallion, raspberry, raven beauty, reading with one hand, red rag, red-light districk, rejection, relationship, reno-it, Reno-vate, Reno-vation, rifle, right of the first night, Rino Tama, rise in the Levis, road, road kid, rocks off, roll, roll in the hay, roll-dog, rosebud, roundheel, roundheeled gal, roundheeler, roundheels, rub, rubbins, rug rat, run after, rutter, saddle, sandwich, saveloy, scalder, scale, scarlet letter, scoops, scope, scratch, screw, screw around, screw off, scrud, scurvy end, second base, second-hand dartboart, secret sorrow, see, self-abuse, self-cannibalism, self-flagellation, self-love, self-pleasure, self-pleasuring, self-pollution, self-stimulation, senectitude, senescence, sergeant major, set eyes on, set one's eyes on, sewing circle, sex, sex bunny, sex for one, sex goddess, sex kitten, sex toys, sex with someone you love, sex-chauvinist, sex-linked, sex-on-the-run, sextacy, sextortioner, sextrology, sexual ego, sexual intercourse, sexual relations, sexual reproduction, sexualogy, shady lady, shafting, shake the dew off the lily, shake the peg, share a bed with, Sheba, Sheik, shit on a stick, shitter, shooting gallery, short one, shot of beaver, a, shotgun marriage, shotgun wedding, show one's true colors, shrimp job, side-by-side position, Silastic, simulsexual, sitting on the fence, Six-o-Six, sixty-nine, Sixty-Ninth Street Bridge, sixty-three, sizzling, skid marks, skirt, slam-bam-thankee-ma'am, slattern, sleaze, sleazy, sleeping partner, slick leggins, slip her one, sloppy seconds, sloptimist, slut, smitten, smitten with, smock service, smockage, smoke, smooth article, smoothie, Snaky-Lick Trick, snapper, snapping turtle, snowstorm, snuff film, snuff movie, soft butch, soft chancre, soft job, soft leg, soft roll, soft spot, softening of the hearters, soiled senior citizen, southern hemisphere, southern love, sow one's wild oats, sow some wild oats, Spanish fly, spark, sparker, sperm-sucker, spill, splash, spoon, spoon fashion, spread eagle, spuds, squaw man, stable-my-naggie, staff-breaker, star of the line, star-gazer, stargazer, starter marriage, stay in the closet, STD, steady, steady date, steady goer, step out, step out on, stepping out on, stiffy, stink pot, stinkpot, stinky-pinky, stoat, stone butch, street girl, street walker, street whore, street worker, streetwalker, streetwalking, striptease, striptease to go, stud, stuff, submarine watching, suck, fuck, tickle balls and rim, sugar bowl, sugar brown, sugar daddy, sugar honey, sugar papa, Sunday clothes, sure thing, sweater meat, sweater treats, sweet nothings, sweet rolls, sweetcakes, sweetheart, sweetie, sweetie pie, swing both ways, swinging, swinging single, swings both ways, switch club, switch-hitter, sword swallower, tadger, tail chicken, taint, take a cherry, take a flier, take a turn in the barrel, take in cream, take one's bed, take the meat out, talk to management, tamales, tater tots, tea voider, tear in the eye, tear in the lily, teenager, teeny bop, teeny bopper, teeny-rocker, tell the folks, ten, tenderoni, tent, tent pole, Thai beads, that funny feeling, thesocratia, thigh sandwich, thighs, thing, thing-a-ling, thingstable, third base, thirsty, thorough-good-natured wench, three F's, Three P, three-dimensional romance, three-layer cake, three-legged, three-penny upright, three-penny uprighter, three-time, threesome, throws a mean fuck, throws a wicked fuck, thump, tickle, tip the velvet, tired-old queen, tired-old thing, tit man, tits man, titties, to be late, to die for, todger, toilet slave, token chicken, token-queer, tom, tomato, tomatoes, tomboy, tomcat, tongue somebody out, toots, tootsie, tootsie-wootsie, tootsy, tootsy-wootsy, top-diver, torch carrier, torch of Venus, Torquemada, Tomas de, torquemadian, touch-me-not garden, town b, town bike, town pump, town punch, town tramp, toxic shock syndrome, toy boy, trading post, trailer girl, transgender, transition, transsexual, transsexualism, transsexuality, trat, triangle, tribadism, tribady, tribology, Trichomonas vaginalis, trichomoniasis, trick baby, trick day, trick night, trick-out, triolism, triple penetration, tripsolagnia, triskaidekaphile, Tristan, troilism, troll, trot, trouser snake, trouser tent, truck driver, true confession, true hermaphrodite, true to her sheets, truelove, TSS, Turkish medal, turn gay, turn out, turtle, turtle head, turtle's head, tweenager, twenty-four seven, twirl, two snaps up, two-time, two-timer, two-timing, two-way girl, twofer, udders, Ugandan affairs, Ugandan discussions, umfriend, umph, unbutton the mutton, undercover fag, undercover man, undescended testes, unruly member, up to the ears in love, ups, upside-down kiss, uranian, uranist, urination, uxoravalence, uxoriosis, vacation, vacationer, vagetarian, vaginal balls, vaginal urination, vaginitis, vagitarian, valentine, vanilla and chocolate, Varga(s) girl, Vatican roulette, vegetable stick, venereal sore, vice disease, view master, view queen, village bicycle, village bike, virgin queen, vital statistics, vitricophobia, voluptuary, vomit, wad, walk the streets, walk-up fuck, walkout, wall queen, wallopies, wand, wank mag, wank stick, wanker, wannabe, warheads, warm(ing) the husbands supper, watch and seals, watermelons, wear a cut-glass veil, wear a mourning veil, wear one's badge, wear the ring, wearing a birthday suit, weekend ho, weekend scenario, weekend warrior, weiner, well up for it, wench, wet and willing, Wet Cuddles, wet deck(s), wet-on, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, wham-bam-thank-you-Sam, whanker, what's-his-name, wheelchair set, whip it out, whipster, whistle, whole, whoozis, whoozit, whoring days, wick, wiener, wienie wagger, wife, wild oats, Wilde Oscar, wings, wink somebody down, wink the brown eye, winnie, winter coals, woman of easy morals, woman of easy virtue, woman of loose morals, woman with roundheels, won ton, woo, wool, wop shop, work a crib, work a ginger, work one's ass off, WPW, wreck, wrecked, Xerox queen, yak, yard on, yardage, yellow handkerchief, yellow-stream queer, yes man, yes-girl, yes-sayer, yo-yo knickers, you know who, yoyo, yumph, zipless fuck, zipperfish, zoolinction, zoom in

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