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Or: carezza , a form of prolonged sexual-intercourse with penetration but no ejaculation , and little or no coital movements, as practiced for birth-control purposes and by people seeking a higher, more spiritual form of pleasure. Ejaculation is withheld through breath-control , stimulation control, meditation, and finger pressure at the base of the penis at the moment of orgasm converting the erotic build-up into an inner climax of psychic energy rather than a physical discharge . As a contraceptive method, karezza is far from 100% effective since seminal leakage often occurs prior to ejaculation .
ETYMOLOGY: Technique derived from the principles of Hindu Tantrism first described by Alice B . Stockham in 1896.
SYNONYMS: coitus-prolongatus ; coitus-reservatus ; male continence.
SEE ALSO: maithuna.
See Also: carezza, coitus prolongatus, coitus reservatus, karezza, karezza sex

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