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Or: karezza , a form of prolonged sexual-intercourse with penetration but no ejaculation , and little or no coital movements, as practiced for birth-control purposes and by people seeking a higher, more spiritual form of pleasure. Ejaculation is withheld through breath and stimulation control, meditation, and by applying pressure at the base of the penis at the moment of orgasm converting the erotic build-up into an inner climax of psychic energy rather than a physical discharge . As a contraceptive method, karezza is far from 100% effective because seminal leakage often occurs prior to ejaculation .
Etymology: Technique derived from the principles of Hindu Tantrism first described by Alice B . Stockham in 1896.
Synonyms: coitus-prolongatus ; coitus-reservatus ; male continence.
See also: maithuna.
See Also: coitus prolongatus, coitus reservatus, karezza

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