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1. The excretion of fluid from a body cavity such as from the nose, the vagina , or a nipple .

2. The male ejaculate. See semen for synonyms.

3. To ejaculate. See ejaculation for synonyms.

4. Vaginal secretions. See vaginal-secretions for synonyms.

5. Clear, cloudy, yellow or green, thick or lumpy secretions escaping the urethra of a penis or vagina infected with a sexually-transmitted-disease ; often foul-smelling and irritating.

6. Uterine excretion after childbirth.

See Also: abnormal bleeding, archorrhea, blennorrhagia, blennorrhea, blue discharge, bullets, candidiasis, carezza, catamenia, chlamydia, Chlamydia trachomatis, cold in the dong, dew on the lily, donald duck, dose of drip, dose of the drip, drip, dripper, dripsy, emission, gardnerella, Gardnerella vaginalis, get a leaky faucet, gleet, glue, gonorrhea, green pee, greens, the, have a discharge, have a leaky faucet, IMB, intermenstrual bleeding, karezza, milk, moniliasis, morning dew drop, morning drip, morning drop, pelvic inflammatory disease, PID, piss green, piss pure cream, piss white, piss yellow, pistol, seminal discharge, trichomoniasis, vaginal secretions, vaginal yeast infection, vaginitis, violet wand, whites, the, yeast infection

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