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dirty lay:

Gaylese of the 1960s for an unrestrained male homosexual .
See Also: audiotext, automysophilia, ben's gran, bitched, buggered, and bewildered, bullfuck, cable laying, Chinese fashion, Chinese style, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, clinovalent, computease, concubine, deed, dirty deed, the, dirty mac brigade, dirty thing, the, dirty work at the crossroads, do the dirty, do the dirty deed, do the dirty thing, dock, draggle-tail, frogging cully, get layed, grotty, grungy, hygienecally challenged, lay, lay a cable, lay cable, lay eyes on, lay one's eyes on, layed, long lie, love lane, set eyes on, sexually focused chronologically gifted individual, smutty, spoon fashion, spoons, talk trash, three bags full, zoo-style

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