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Slang word for:

1. Gonorrhea, based on the mucous discharge it causes. See gonorrhea for synonyms.

2. Semen and other fluids ejaculated at orgasm , based on appearance and consistency. Usage in this sense dates back to the 19 th century. See semen for synonyms.

See Also: gloy, glue pot, gluepot, whore-do

Quotes Containing glue:
Manicurist ValDale (Geena Davis) is willing to forgive her fianc Doctor Ted Gallagher (Charles Rocket) for having one last fling if he agrees to lay off nurses in Earth Girls are Easy (1989): 'A relationship is like a porcelain nail , Ted. You can break it and you can glue it back together but it's not going to be as strong as it was unless the person is really committed and not bringing home nurses.'

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