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1. Or: make a date , from the early 1900s onward, to make an appointment to meet someone at a specific time and place for romantic involvement.

2. A person with whom one has an engagement or rendezvous.

3. A person one sees socially. To go-around-with means to date someone casually; to go-out-with means to date that person seriously (or regularly); to go-steady with , means to date only that person (to be committed to that person); to go-with , means to have sexual-intercourse with someone.

4. To go-out-with the same person regularly.

5. Or: date-locker , the anus . Chiefly Australian usage.

6. A prostitute's customer.
Synonyms: baby ; beef-burger ; client ; cull ; john ; meal-ticket ; meatball ; money-trick ; patron ; piper ; punter ; sucker ; TOS ; trade ; trick .
See also: 33 ; 78 ; champagne-trick ; curb-crawler ; freak-trick ; frequent-flyer .

7. In prostitution , an act of sex with a customer.

8. Turn a date , in prostitution , to have-sex-with a customer.


(1) Barney (Frank McHugh) in All Through the Night (1942): ' I've got a date with a doll .'

(2) Dixie Daisy (Barbara Stanwyck) in Lady of Burlesque (1943): ' When I dress for a date with you, it will be a suit of armor and brass knuckles .'

(3) Harris B . Telemaker (Steve Martin) to Sarah MacDowell (Victoria Tennant) in L.A. Story (1991) explaining the difference between a date and doing something with somebody: ' Not a date, a do .'

See Also: 3-Fs, 4-F(s), 49, a bit of how's yer father, a dash up the channel, a knee trembler, a proper bit of frock, ABC, abortion law, achers, acquaintance rape, acre, Adam, Adam-and-Eveing, African toothache, all het up, alligator, Alphonse, article of virtue, assignation, athenian, automatic muzzle loader, away the trip, baby vamp, babyolatry, Bacchus march, bad date, bagnio, ball-busting, ballocks, bamboo stick, banana, band-box, band-house, battle, bayonet, bayonet wound, bearded oyster, beaver shooter, bed house, bed-swerver, bedswerver, beef burger, beetleskin, bell, best girl, best piece, big casino, bird dog, bit of fish, bitchery, blanket hornpipe, blow hole, blow off on the groundsels, blow the groundsels, bludget, bob-tail, bobtail, bodkin, bog, bog-house, bogs, Bohemian love, boiled rag, bollocks, bonk-on, booby prize, boom boom room, bouncing, bowl of wax fruit, box the Jesuit (and get cockroaches), brakes, bread, breadwinner, break like a shotgun, brevet-wife, brothel 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convert, cool out, cooler, coot, cooter, corking, cornucopia, corporation, counter, couple house, cover, cow yard, cow-bag, cow-cunted, cowcattish, crack hunter, crack run, crack saleslady, crack salesman, cracked mortar, cracked pipkin, cracked pitcher, cracking, cradle, cranny, creeper, cremie, a, croshabelle, cuckold the parson, cucumber, cuddle bunny, cull, cunt pensioner, cuts, cymbalism, damerie, dance on the mattress, dangerous curve, danglers, dark, dark hole, darlink, dart (of love), date, date rape, dead meat, deed, deed of kind, deed of pleasure, derby kelly, derriere, dial plate, dibble, dick peddler, diddle, diddleys, Dilberry Creek, dilberry-maker, ding-a-ling, dinge queen, dirt chute, dirt road, dirt track, dirty spot, dissa and datta, do a leap, do one's kind, do one's office, do the beast with two backs, do the two-backed beast, do-johnny, dockyard rivets, dodas, dog's nose, doing a line, dollink, dolly pals, doodah, doodle, dose, double event, double suckers, doughed-up darling, drab, drip, dueting, dusters, Dutch treat, eastman, easy virgin, easy virtue, ecnop, effeminative, Elvira, engine of love, every night about this time, eye-gazer, faggots toothbrush, fairy hawk, fare, fast fanny, father-of-all, father-stuff, fay, feather bed jig, feel the Colt's tooth, femme follower, fern, fettle, fiddle, first base, fit end to end, fit ends, fix someone up, fixed bayonet, fladge, flinking, flop in, flop in the hay, flounder, flower fancier, flunitrazepam, foining, foken, Forget Pill, forget-me-not, fornicating engine, fornicating member, fornicating tool, foul disease, foul disorder, Four Fs, four-legged frolic, frail, French letter, French love letter, French woman, frogskin, frozen meat, fud, fudy, full frontal, funny man, futy, gaff, gagger, gallop the antelope, gape over the garter, gavabos, gay house, gay trade, gaying instrument, gentle tittler, get one's leather stretched, get there, GHB, gin lane, gin trap, girl scout, girlery, girlie magazine, give 'em thisa and thata, give yaloo, give-and-take girl, give-and-taker, glue, glue neck, go around with, go out with, go steady, go to Hairyfordshire, go with, goat, goat's milk, going on bush patrol, gold-miner, gonicles, good front, gooseberries, gooseberry ranch, great pox, the, green pee, greens, the, grind, growl, the, grummet, H2, half-and-halfer, handy-dandy, hat rack, have a knee trembler, having a date with Rosie Palm and her five sisters, heavy date, heifer barn, het up, hinder entrance, hog ranch, hog-eye, Holloway, holy-of-holies, honeyfuggle, hook house, hook joint, hook shop, hooker shop, hoop, horizontalize, horny, hot meat, hot pudding for supper, hot sketch, hotsy, hotter than a fresh-fucked fox in a forest fire, in full fig, in pig, in pup, indisposed, indorser, invert, Irish kiss, it and more, it and that, It-ness, ittiness, ittishness, jab, jab joint, Jack in the box, jack-gagger, jagabat, jasper, jazz, jazz joint, jelly, Jerusalem artichoke, jigger, jiggling, job, jog, Johnnie, jolt, jottle, jungle meat, K, K-hole, kazoo, kennel, Ketamine, kite, knee trembler, a, knish-ka-bob mug, knob-ache, KP, La Roche, laced mutton, lady bird, lady hotbot, lady wife, lance of love, lap-lover, laundry, leap, lena, leno, licorice stick, life of infamy, life of shame, lift the heels, ling, little casino, load, lobster tails, lobstertoes, loins, look bar, lope the mule, love drug, love flesh, love's pick-lock, loves battering ram, loves dribbling dart, loves sensitive truncheon, low heel(s), low neck, low neck and short sleeves, lowie, lubra, Lunch Money, macgimper, mackerel, mad mile, magimp, magimper, make a dog's match, make an honest woman of, make the beast with two backs, making faces, man trap, mangle, mantrap, masher, mashie, mason, masturbation-male, material part, mawk, mawker, McGimp, McGimper, means of generation, meatball, mermaid, merry bit, merry legs, metamorphosis sexualis paranoia, Mexican Valium, minikin, Miss Hotbot, molly, money trick, mooners, moose, Morbus Hispanics, Morbus Indicus, Morbus Neapolitanus, mossy doughnut, Mr. McGimp, mug-nutty, mutton, mutton dagger, mutton dressed as lamb, Nanette, nards, nasty, Naughty Nellie, nautch, nautch broad, nautch girl, nautch house, nautch joint, navy cake, Neapolitan bone ache, Neapolitan consolation, Neapolitan favour, nearsighted, necessary house, needle, Neopolitan disease, net pornography, nether lips, nether mouth, nether parts, new south, night-cap, night-hunter, nightcrawler, nippy, nockstress, nocturne, notcherie, novelty, nubbing, nudie, okra and prunes, Old Damocles, old patrol, old stuff, the, onania, orchid eater, oyster, P3, paddle the pickle, palpitators, pantry shelves, Pappas, parts of shame, pashful, patron, peacherino, peephole, Peeping Tom, peg puff, penis equivalent, penis femineus, pilgrims staff, pin, pink, pintle, pipe, piper, pipkin, piss pins and needles, pix, play in the hay, play one's ace, play one's ace of spade and receive the jack, pleasure lady, pleasure merchant, plooch, ploot, plover, pole work, polly-nussy, poncess, poon, poozle, possesh, posteriora, potato trap, pounders, pratt-hunter, prick parade, prick-juice, prigging, privities, privy chose, privy members, privy parts, proper bit of frock, protector, proud below the navel, prune, pudding, pull, pull a trick, pull the pudding, pull the wire, pully hawly, pump handle, pump ship, punker, purse, push, pussy queer, put out, putting on the pot, Quaalude of the '90s, the, queen's tanks, quiff, R-2, rake out, ranger, rape drugs, raree show, rasp, raspberry tart, reary, ribald gent, rip, Roaches, Roachies, roaring horn, roaring jack, Roche, Rohypnol, rolling pin, Roofies, Rope, Rophies, rubadub, rubigo, Ruffies, rule of three, rumpy, RZ, salt basin, salt cellar, sapphire, satchmo, scarlet lady, scarlet sister, scarlet woman, scratch, scrud, scum, scuttle, sensitive plant, sensitive truncheon, sew, sex apple, shaft of delight, shake, shaking, she-pimp, shoot a lion, shot of beaver, a, shove, show house, singles bar, sister-of-charity, sister-of-mercy, sit-upon(s), sitter, sizzling, Skinny rubbing, smoongy, snake pit, snake ranch, snitch, snizzling, snot, solicitor general, the, son of Venus, Spanish gout, Spanish needle, Spanish pip, Spanish pox, Spanish rice, Special K, spintry, spit, spoiling house, sporran, sporting girl, sporting girl's manager, spot, spread, squat, star over the garter, the, starch, stark ballux, steady, steady date, steady goer, stern chaser, sterner sex, sticky, stiff deity, stretch leather, Stupefi, sugar hill, sunkist queen, sweet charity, sweet-scented hole, swing both ways, swings both ways, swoony, tabs, tail dating, tail juice, tail pike, tail pin, tail tackle, tail water, tail worker, take a turn in Cock Alley, take a turn in Cock Lane, take a turn in Cupid's Alley, take a turn in Cupid's Corner, take a turn in the Hair Court, take eyes at, take the bayonet course, tap a keg, tapioca pudding, tapioca toothpaste, tenant-in-tail, thata, these and those, thisa and thata, three F's, thrill dame, throw eyes at, tilt on one's kilt, timesqueer, token chicken, token-fag queers, token-queer, top drawer, TOS, toss off, touch-hole, towdie, toy-toy, trader, trench, tribas, trick, trull, trypan, tufted treasure, tumefied phallus, tummy-tickler, turn a trick, tuzzy-muzzy, twat peddler, tweak, unnatural debauchery, uptown gal, usher, varnish one's cane, varnish the cane, varnish the pole, varnish the stick, VBD, venereal act, Vetalar, Vitamin K, wank off, wares, warm shop, weaker vessel, the, weapon, whanking date, whatass, wheezer, white blow, white honey, whitewash, whoopie wench, whoremaster general, whoremistress, whoremongery, wild rogue, woman of pleasure, woman of the town, women's disease, wood's colt, works, the, wriggler, wrinkle-belly, yentz, yentzer, yum-yum, zosh

Quotes Containing date:
Eric Stratton (Tim Matheson) talking about his date?s breasts in National Lampoon?s Animal-House (1978): ''She''s got a couple of major league gavabos .''
Dixie Daisy (Barbara Stanwyck) in Lady of Burlesque (1943): ''When I dress for a date with you, it will be a suit of armor and brass knuckles.''
Woody Allen: ''I''m a practicing heterosexual but bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.''
Dixie Daisy (Barbara Stanwyck) in Lady of Burlesque (1943): 'When I dress for a date with you, it will be a suit of armor and brass knuckles.'
Charley Nichols (Walter Matthau) in House Calls (1978): 'Still beats being married . I mean a date you can look at as a non-recurring expense; a wife is overhead.'
Harriet (Nancy Travis) and Charlie (Mike Meyers) in So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993): - Harriet Michaels: ''What do you look for in a woman you date?'' - Charlie Mackenzie: ''Well, I know everyone always say a sense of humor, but I really have to go-with breast size.''
Joe Dubin (Larry Miller) driving Emily (Elizabeth McGovern) home after a short date in The Favor (1992): - Joe: 'How about a little goodnight fuck?' - Emily:'Goodnight, Fuck!'
Aurora Greenway (Shirley MacLaine) and Garrett Breedlove (Jack Nicholson) coming home after a very bad dinner date in Terms of Endearment (1983). - Aurora:'Would you like to come in?' - Garret:'I'd rather stick needles in my eyes .'

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