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A prostitute's customer.
Synonyms: baby ; beef-burger ; cull ; date ; fare ; john ; meal-ticket ; meatball ; money-trick ; patron ; piper ; punter ; sucker ; TOS ; trade ; trick .
See also: 33 ; 78 ; champagne-trick ; curb-crawler ; freak-trick ; frequent-flyer .
See Also: a bit of mess, around the world, bad date, beef burger, big dick from Boston, big legs, black book, bondage, break, breeder, burn artist, cull, essayeur, fare, flat-backer, fornicator, fuck luck, getting down, Ginger, ginger girl, godemiche, inhibition, jack shack, john, John Doughs, kiddy freak, mack, mackin', meatball, milk, money trick, Oom Paul, panderage, pandering, panderism, patron, pimping, piper, procurer, respectable whore, round house, sexual bondage, TOS, varietist, work a ginger

Quotes Containing client:
The Detainer (Daliah Lavi), strapped naked on a couch , and the short madman Dr. Noah (Woody Allen) in Casino Royale (1967): - Detainer: ''Do you treat all the girls you desire this way?'' - Dr. Noah: ''Yes, oh yes . I undress them and tie them up . I learned that in the Boy Scouts.'' Hairdresser Rita (Julie Walters) and a client in Educating Rita (1983): - Client: ''Is that a book you''re reading? (...) What''s it called?'' - Rita: ''Of Human Bondage.'' - Client: ''Yeah? My husband''s got a lot of books like that.'' - Rita: ''Somerset Maugham books?'' - Client: ''No, bondage books.''

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