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1. Or: line-of-cleavage , the hollow space between a woman's breasts, especially the crease , as revealed by a low neckline, created when the breasts are pushed together by clothing or a push-up bra .
Synonyms: great-divide ; intermammary-cleft ; gow ; hotline ; mesoseinia ; sweet-line ; sweetest-valley , titch ; valley ; warmest-valley .

2. Or: bum-cleavage / buttocks-cleavage , the crease between the buttocks .
Synonyms: backeye-slice ; backeye-slit ; broad-smile ; brownsward ; butt-crack ; crease ; crack ; crevice ; foul-line ; reverse-cleavage ; split ; vertical-grin ; valley .

See Also: ass crack, backeye slice, backeye slit, broad smile, brownsward, bum cleavage, butt-crack, butter and cheesecake, butter churn, buttocks cleavage, cleavage, cleft, crack, crease, crevice, decolletage, foul line, fuck-me pumps, gow, great divide, happy valley, hotline, intermammary cleft, line of cleavage, mesoseinia, reverse cleavage, split, sweet line, sweetest valley, titch, valley, vertical grin, warmest valley

Quotes Containing cleavage:
Jezebel Dezire (Ann-Margret), showing a lot of cleavage when bending over the rolling bar , and Lou Peckinpaugh (Peter Falk) in The Cheap Detecive (1978). - Jezebel : 'Won't you join me in a little drinky? What's your peasure?' - Lou: 'What you got there looks good.' - Jezebel : 'I know , but I thought you'd like a little drink first .'

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