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bum cleavage:

The crease between the buttocks .
Synonyms: ass-crack ; backeye-slice ; backeye-slit ; broad-smile ; brownsward ; butt-crack ; buttocks-cleavage ; cleft ; crease ; crack ; crevice ; foul-line ; reverse-cleavage ; split ; vertical-grin ; valley .
See Also: ass crack, backeye slice, backeye slit, BIF, bone in the bum, bone the bum, brandy, broad smile, brownsward, bum bandit, bum basher, bumbo, bumf, bumph, butt tape, butt-crack, butter and cheesecake, buttocks cleavage, cleavage, cleft, crack, crease, crevice, decolletage, foul line, happy valley, hotline, intermammary cleft, kingdom come, mesoseinia, reverse cleavage, split, sweet line, valley, vertical grin

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