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The conscious or unconscious blocking of certain natural behaviors or impulses, usually resulting from such factors as emotional insecurity, fear of consequences, moral qualms, social or cultural forces, guilt; the condition inducing this restraint.
SYNONYMS: barrier; block ; hang-up (hangup); shyness.


(1) Mabel (Alison Skipworth) and Maudie (Mae West) in Night After Night (1932):
-- Mabel Jellyman: ' Maudie, do you really think you can get rid of my inhibitions? '
-- Maudie Triplet: ' Why, sure. I've got an old trunk you can put them in .'

(2) Part-time prostitute Bree Daniels (Jane Fonda) to her clients in Klute (1971): ' Inhibitions are always nice because they're so nice to overcome .'

See Also: globus hystericus, hood bondage, hypoactive sexual desire, impotence, impotency, inhibition, invirility

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