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Or: impotency , the inability to achieve or maintain enough stiffness in the penis to penetrate the vagina and have intercourse resulting in ejaculation . Impotence, in one form or another, affects approximately 30 million American men. Primary impotence , a rare condition, applies to a man has never had an erection; secondary impotence / situational impotence usually comes on gradually and occurs after a period of normal sexual function.
The medical profession once made the following distinction:
-- impotentia coeundi = the inability to perform sexual-intercourse ;
-- impotentia erigendi = the inability to have and sustain as erection;
-- impotentia generandi = the inability to procreate; sterility.
Synonym: invirility . Health professionals today prefer the following synonyms: erectile-difficulty ; erectile disorder; erectile-dysfunction ; erectile inhibition .
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