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Contrary to the established moral principles of a particular society or culture; not conforming to conscience, moral law, or the accepted standards of morality.

SYNONYMS AND QUASI-SYNONYMS: abandoned; bad ; corrupt; debauched; depraved ; dishonest; dissipated ; dissolute ; fast; graceless; impure; indecent ; iniquitous; lewd ; licentious ; loose ; nefarious; not moral; obscene; of easy-virtue ; pornographic ; profligate ; racy; rakish; reprobate; saturnalian; shameless; sinful; speedy; unchaste; unclean; unethical; unprincipled; unscrupulous; unvirtuous; vicious; vile; villainous; virtueless; wicked; without morals; wrong; X-rated .

See Also: Adam, baggage, drabble-tail, draggle-tail, flash drag, geycat, go on drag, hussy, indecent assault, lemanry, porno, porny, profligate, prurient, slattern, smell-smock, smock, smock service, smockage, unnatural act, unnatural sex, unnatural sin, wanton, wear the drag

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