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Dissolute; perverted; characterized by corruption; debased in morals and character.
Synonyms: abandoned; accursed; bad ; base; corrupt; debased; debauched; degenerate; degraded; demoralized; dirty ; dirty-minded; dissolute ; evil; fast; filthy; flagitous; gone to the dogs ; kinky ; lascivious ; lewd ; licentious ; low; marked by corruption or evil; mean; miscreant; morally bad ; morally corrupt; nefarious; perverse; perverted; profligate ; putrid; rotten; ruined; shameless; sinful; twisted ; unhealthy; unnatural ; vicious; vile; villainous; vitiate; vitiated; wanton ; warped; wicked.
See Also: acokoinonia, agrexophrenia, androphilic

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