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Dissipated; given to licentious conduct; disregarding all moral restraints; unrestrained, especially when indulging in drink or promiscuous sex .
Synonyms: abandoned; characterless; corrupt; debauched; degenerate; depraved ; dissipated ; evil; fast; fast and loose ; gone bad ; high living; indulgent; intemperate; in the fast lane; lacking restraint; lascivious ; lax; lecherous ; lewd ; libertine ; licentious ; light ; loose ; lost to shame; lost to virtue; nighthawk ; night owl ; on the take; open; player ; profligate ; raffish; rakish; reprobate; slack; swift; sybaritic; unconstrained; unprincipled; unrestrained; vicious; wanton ; wayward; wicked; wild.
See Also: depraved, dissipated, libertine, profligate, rake, rip, rounder

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