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dental dam:

A flat piece of latex placed over the vaginal or anal area during oral-sex to protect both partners against STDs. It comes in translucent white or colored sheets +/- 4 inches square . CAUTIONS: 1. Rinse off the talc (it can cause irritation). 2. Always keep the same side against the body. 3. For added protection , cover the vulva or anus with a spermicide . 4. Do not share or reuse.
See Also: agomphathymia, analinctus, analingus, anilingus, anolinctus, anolingus, clitorilingus, cunnilinctio, cunnilinction, cunnilinctus, cunnilingtie, cunnilinguate, cunnilingue, cunnilingus, fellate, fellation, fellatize, fellatorism, latex, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral copulation (of the penis), oral intercourse, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, penilingism, penilingus, penosugia, phallalingus, virilingus

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