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Acronym for sexually-transmitted-disease .


STDs: African-toothache ; bad-blood ; bad-disease ; bend-a-pipe-on-the-pisser ; blood-disease ; bone-ache ; bone-ague ; brothel-sprouts ; bulldog-dose ; burner ; Christian-disease ; cold-in-the-dong ; communicable-disease ; contagious-disease ; crotch-rot ; crud ; Cupid's-itch ; curse-of-Venus ; delicate-disease ; dirty-barrel ; disease-of-love ; disgraceful-disease ; double-event (gon & syph); enviable-disease ; forget-me-not ; foul-disease ; foul-disorder ; full-hand (gon & syph); full-house (gon & syph); galloping-knob-rot ; green-pee ; (the) greens; jungle-rot ; ladies'-fever ; loathsome-disease ; lobster-tails ; lobstertoes ; lues-venerea ; nap ; occupational-hazard ; pintle-fever ; preventable-disease ; scalder ; scrud ; secret-disease ; sexual-disease ; social-disease ; social-infection ; souvenir ; token ; torch-of-Venus ; unmentionable-disease ; venereal-disease ; VD ; Venus'-curse ; vice-disease ; warts ; yancy .

HAVING STDs: be-one-of-the-knights ; burn-one's-poker ; burned ; burnt ; catch-a-cold ; catch-something ; contract-an-STD ; cop-a-dose ; crotch-rot ; get-burned ; get-dosed-up ; get-infected ; get-sick ; get-VD ; get / have-a-leaky-faucet ; got-something ; have-a-leaky-faucet ; have-a-discharge ; have-the-ninety-day-blues ; infected ; jacked-up ; one-of-the-knights ; pass-through-the-fire ; peppered ; pick-up-a-nail ; piss-white ; piss-broken-glass ; piss-razor-blades ; piss-green ; piss-pins-and-needles ; piss-pure-cream ; piss-yellow ; ride-the-silver-steed ; take-French-lessons . more synonyms under gonorrhea and syphilis .SEE ALSO: bube ; bubo ; canoe-inspection ; cyprianophobia ; had'em ; venereophobia .

See Also: African toothache, bacterial sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial STDs, bad blood, bad disease, be one of the knights, bend a pipe on the pisser, blood disease, bone ache, bone ague, brothel sprouts, bube, bubo, bulldog dose, burn, burn one's poker, burned, burner, burning, burnt, candidiasis, catch a cold, catch something, chancroid, Christian disease, cock-rot, cold in the dong, come clean, communicable disease, contagious disease, contract an STD, cop a dose, crinkum(s), crotch rot, crud, cunnilinguate, Cupid's itch, curse of Venus, delicate disease, dental dam, dirty barrel, disease of love, diseases, disgraceful disease, double event, Ducrey's bacillus, enviable disease, fellate, forget-me-not, foul disease, foul disorder, full hand, full house, galloping crud, galloping knob rot, gardnerella, get a leaky faucet, get burned, get dosed up, get infected, get sick, get VD, got something, green pee, greens, the, Haemophilus ducreyi, have a discharge, have a leaky faucet, have the ninety day blues, hepatitis, hepatitis B, herpes, herpes simplex virus, infected, jacked up, jungle rot, ladies' fever, latex condom, loathsome disease, lobster tails, lobstertoes, lues, lues venerea, moniliasis, nap, occupational hazard, one of the knights, oral herpes, peppered, pick up a nail, pintle fever, piss broken glass, piss green, piss pins and needles, piss pure cream, piss razor blades, piss white, piss yellow, precheck, preventable disease, ride the silver steed, safest sex, scalder, scrud, secret disease, sexual disease, sexually transmitted disease, social disease, social infection, soft chancre, souvenir, spermicidal latex condom, STD, take French lessons, token, torch of Venus, unmentionable disease, vaginal yeast infection, venereal disease, venereal sore, venereology, Venus' curse, vice disease, warm-up, warts, yancy, yeast infection

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