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African toothache:

A venereal-disease of any kind. Usage dates back to 1960s; rarely heard today. See STD for synonyms.
See Also: alligator, American sock, back jump, ball-face, blow some tunes, Clarence Coon, coarse piece, cock-pluck, cut a side, dinosaur, dip the fly, dukie, dukie-hole, dusty butt, face the nation, fan your ass, finger artist, flack, give up rhythm, gorilla in the washing machine, grippley, gumboot, ITA, jasper, lobster tails, lobstertoes, mess with nature, middle cut, paper ass, pitching a bitch, plucked, poontenanny, PTA, riding the bitch's seat, root dyke, shit jacket, shit on a stick, shoot the thrill, soul roll, split the cup, sweet mama, tight pin (somebody)

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