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Infected with a sexually-transmitted-disease . See STD for synonyms.
See Also: ablaze, ardor urinae, bend a pipe on the pisser, biscuits, blood sports, brand, branding, burn, burn one's poker, burner, burning, candidiasis, candle wax torture, chloroform, Covent Garden ague, Cupids furrow, dearest member, do it, fervid, gate of life, gonorrhea, gynaeon pornikon erotomanes, high maintenance, hot wax, moniliasis, nest in the bush, pass through the fire, pick up a nail, piece, pintle, piss broken glass, piss pins and needles, piss razor blades, pucker up, quim, STD, three-inch fool, tirly-whirly, vaginal yeast infection, venereal disease, wax, wax torture, whore, winter coals, yard, yeast infection

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