Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


1. Characterized by shyness or modesty; decorous; reserved.
Synonyms: backward; bashful; blushing; close; coy; decorous; diffident; earnest; grave; humble; modest; nice; prim; prissy ; proper; prudish; reserved; reticent; retiring; sedate; serious; shy; silent; skittish; sober; sober as a judge; sober-minded; sobersided; solemn; staid; stolid; strait-laced; timid; unassertive; unassuming; unassured.

2. Affectedly or coyly conventional.
Synonyms: affected; goody-goody; holier-than-thou; mealy-mouthed; pietistic; priggish; prim; prudish; sanctimonious; self-righteous; smug .

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