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deprivational homosexuality:

Or: accidental-homosexuality / situational-homosexuality / functional-homosexuality , homosexual relations that develop when of partners of the other sex are unavailable.
See also: facultative homosexuality .
See Also: accidental homosexuality, badge, blue discharge, come out to oneself, coming out of the closet, coming out process, commasculation, deprivational homosexuality, discover one's gender, faggotry, fairy godmother, functional homosexuality, gay chicken, go public, Greek vice, Hellenic love, homophilia, homophylophilia, homosexuality, lay it out, learn a new way, lose one's gender, LUG, same sex love, sapphic, sexual orientation, situational homosexuality, stay in the closet, tampered with, tautanerism, third set, third sex, untried, urningism, urnism, vice allemand, walk queer street, wear a cut-glass veil, wear a mourning veil, whiff of lavender

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