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US slang for group-sex between three people, a séance or ménage à trois.
Synonyms: chance-sandwich ; club-sandwich ; cluster fuck ; double-peptide ; flesh-sandwich ; ménage à trois; Oreo-cookie ; sandwich ; sausage-sandwich ; séance-à-trois ; three-decker ; three-high ; three-hole-activities ; three-in-a-bed : three-layer-cake ; threesies ; three-way ; three-way-split ; three-way-swing ; threesome ; triple-shag .
See also: Three-P ; three-way-woman .
See Also: agromania, bach it, bed partner, behavioral transsexualism, bitch-queen, Boston marriage, buddy booths, bungalowing, cake pimp, carpe diem, chapstick lesbian, cluster marriage, cohabit, cohabitation, companion, country marriage, domestic partner, exibeeshes, heavy crush, live-in (lover), living in sin, Mademoizook, married but not churched, more or less married, Oreo cookie, Peter, Paul, and Mary, positive living, POSSLQ, PWA, queen-size(d), romantricks, royal jelly, share bed and board, united in holy bedlock, without benefit of who cares

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