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Or: deviant-sexual-behavior / deviation / sexual-deviance / sexual-deviation / sexual-deviancy , behaviors that do not conform to the accepted norms or standards of a group of people, that deviate from the majority of society. (What is regarded as ' deviant ' varies considerably from one society to another).

Quote: R.T. Francoeur (ed.). The Complete Dictionary of Sexology (1995): ' A behavior, idea, or attitude, that is not in conformity with what is considered normal, standard , or ideal according to some authority or consensus. In criminology, deviance is narrowly defined as an infraction of legal norms. A more common broader usage refers to any deviation from a social norm. Until recently, deviant was also a technical and common term for paraphilic behavior. In Models of Madness, Models of Medicine (New York: Macmillan, 1974), M . Siegler and H . Osmond suggest five models of sexual-deviance : (1) a religious model in which demonic possession or temptation leads to a sin that must be confessed, repented, and exorcised by a religious authority in order for the deviant to be saved; (2) a legal model in which the deviant's criminal behavior is punished and the criminal person rehabilitated by civil authorities if proved guilty; (3) a medical model in which an illness, due to some known or unknown natural cause, is treated by a physician to restore health to the sick person; (4) a psychoanalytic model in which arrested or impaired psychosexual development that has not been faced and resolved is symbolically acted out unconsciously in emotionally disturbed ways; and (5) a labeling model in which a group that cannot tolerate differences labels as criminal or sick those whose behavior differs from theirs, punishing the deviant , who has no rights. Resources: D . Downes and P . Rock, Understanding Deviance (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1982); 1. Taylor, P . Walton and J. Young, The New Criminology: For a Social Theor-y of Deviance (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1973) '

See Also: aberrant sex, atypical sexual behavior, deviance, deviant sexual behavior, deviation, sexual aberration, sexual deviance, sexual deviancy, sexual deviation, sexual variance, variant sexual behavior

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