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The penis . Jocular, 18 th century usage, now obsolete, is probably based on the biblical figure with a red tail and short horns . To put-the-devil-into-hell , to penetrate or copulate , is probably based on a story from Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron (1353) in which the devil goes into hell (the vagina). To whip-the-devil / dundering-the-devil , to masturbate . See penis for synonyms.
See Also: Carvel's ring, covey, devil, devilette, goat, Hans Carvel's ring, hell, Lord knows where, put the devil into hell, sin, smitten, smitten with

Quotes Containing devil:
Alexandra (Cher) and Daryl Van Horn (Jack Nicholson) in The Witches of Eastwick (1987): - Alex: ''Who are you?'' - Daryl: ''Just your average, horny little devil .'' (Van Horn puns with the devil and horny .)
Maria Danreuther (Lola Lollobrigida) in Beat the Devil (1954): 'All husbands like their wife to seem attractive to other men.'
Maria (Lola Lollobrigida) to Gwendolyn (Jennifer Jones) in Beat the Devil (1954): 'All husbands like their wife to seem attractive to other men.'
Gwendolyn Chelm (Jennifer Jones) to Mr. Petersen (Robert Morley) in Beat the Devil (1954): 'Isn't that what we're all concerned with, sin?'
William of Baskerville (Sean Connery) and Jorge de Burgos (Feodor Challapin, Jr.) in The Name of the Rose (1986): - William of Baskerville: ''But what is so alarming about laughter?'' - Jorge de Burgos: ''Laughter kills fear and without fear there can be no faith, because without fear of the devil there is no more need of God.''
John Milton (Al Pacino) in The Devil''s Advocate (1998): ''Guilt is like a bag full of bricks. All you gotta do is set it down .''
Billy Danreuther (Humphrey Bogart) about Mr. Petersen (Robert Morley) to the Arab civil servant in Beat the Devil (1954): ''Fat gut''s my best-friend . I will not betray him cheaply.''
Lawrence Paros. The Erotic Tongue (1984): 'Nobody really knows where the hole came from, though Captain Grose, the roguish eighteenth- century lexicographer, had his own ideas about it . His version opens with an angel who had been employed in forming women, forgetting to cut off their parts-of-generation . Enter Lucifer who took it upon himself to set matters right. Taking a somewhat direct approach to the problem, he placed himself in a sawpit with a scythe fixed to a stick in his hand and directed the women to straddle the pit . He then gave each the mark-of-the-beast (c. 1715). The pit being too deep for the length of his instrument , tall women received only a moderate scratch , but little women, because their legs were so short and more within his reach, received a somewhat larger cut . The long and the short of it? They both went home with an everlasting-wound (17th C), known in some quarters as the divine-scar (18th C). The Devil, henceforth, was to be known as Old Nick or Ole Scratch; and the c**t [cunt, as slit (17th-20th C), nick , and gash (both 16th-20thC).'

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