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desire stage:

Or: desire-phase , according to Helen Kaplan's model of sexual response, the first step in the cycle of human sexual response.
See Also: ablutomania, ache for, agromania, algophily, anaphrodisiac, anaphrodite, anaphroditous, aneroticism, anililagnia, anophelorastia, antiaphrodisiac, apodysophilia, B.U., basoexia, be covetous of, be hot for, compulsion, covet, delire du toucher, desire phase, desire stage, drag show, emission, emission phase, estromania, feel the Colt's tooth, first stage of ejaculation, general paralysis of the insane, GPI, have a hankering for, have a yen for, heteroerotic, homoerotic, hypoactive sexual desire, hyposexuality, hysteromania, inappetence, irritable bladder, K-Mart crowd, lagnesis, lascivia, latent syphilis, lechery, lust of the flesh, pathic, primary syphilis, secondary syphilis, sex arousing, sexually arousing, tertiary syphilis, thesauromania, thigmacupidus, thirsty, thygatrilagnia, urge, the

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