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three-hole activities:

A sexual threesome involving three women.

SYNONYMS: chance-sandwich ; club-sandwich ; cluster fuck ; design-for-living ; double-peptide ; flesh-sandwich ; ménage à trois; Peter, Paul and Mary; Oreo-cookie ; sandwich ; sausage-sandwich ; séance-à-trois ; three-decker ; three-high ; threesies ; three-way ; three-way-split ; three-way-swing ; threesome ; triple-shag .
SEE ALSO: cicisbeism ; double-entry ; Three-P .

See Also: 175, 3P, a spot of perving, A-hole, arsehole, Aut amat aut odit: nil est tertium, banns, bans, base trio, the, butthole, campery, chance sandwich, club sandwich, cluster-fuck, comprehensive physician, corespondent, cyprieunia, design for living, desire phase, double peptide, double-entry, external urinary meatus, flesh sandwich, foursome, gang sex, geegee (hole), gigi (hole), glad rags, gluteus, go all the way, go the length, go the limit, go the whole way, group sex, hedonophilia, hole, ilium, meatus, meatus urinarius, menage a trois, moresome, nookey, nooky, north pole, Oreo cookie, peephole, ring around the rosey, séance à trois, sandwich, sausage sandwich, smug, spot of perving, third set, third sex, three B's, three decker, three high, Three P, three wheeler, three-dollar bill, three-layer cake, three-way, three-way split, three-way swing, threesies, threesome, triangle, triolism, triple header, triple penetration, triple shag, trisexual, troilism, troilist, Trois, Les, trouser action, trysexual, urethral meatus, urethral opening, urethral orifice, velvet rope

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