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three F's:

Or: THREE Fs / 3-Fs :

1. The three F-words of dating: film, food, fucking .

QUOTE: Elie (Kevin Pollak) reciting the bachelor's code to his friend David Crown (Arye Gross) going out on his first date with Carrie Davenport (Courtenay Cox) in The Opposite Sex: And How to Live With Them (1993): ' The 3-F's of Dating: One: Film. Two: Food. Three: Fuck .'

2. Fuck, Fun, Footrace. Chiefly male usage. Fight was substituted for fuck in the following quotation.

QUOTE: Sgt. Dom Scusi (Burt Young) to Harold Bloomgard (James Woods) in The Choirboys (1977): ' You don't look big enough to fight, fuck or run a foot race .'

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