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Or: triolism :

1. Sexual activity involving three people (threesome) regardless of gender (two men and one woman , three men, two women and one man , or three women). This is known colloquially as: club-sandwich ; cluster- fuck ; double-peptide ; flesh-sandwich ; ménage à trois; Peter, Paul and Mary; Oreo-cookie ; sandwich ; sausage-sandwich ; séance-à-trois ; three-decker ; three-high ; three-hole-activities ; three-in-a-bed : three-layer-cake ; Three-P ; threesies ; three-way ; three-way-split ; three-way-swing ; threesome ; triple-shag .
ETYMOLOGY: From the French trois , three.

2. In psychiatry, a paraphilic condition in which sexuoerotic arousal and gratification are dependant upon sharing one's partner with a third party and observing them while they engage in sexual activities. When the partner is rented out , troilism is a paraphilia of the mercantile/venal type.

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