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Refers to Paragraph 175 of the German Penal Code of the 1930-40s dealing with homosexuality . This number was painted on-the-back of homosexual prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. The full text and amendments of that law issued on January 28, 1935 reads as follows:
1. A male who indulges in criminally indecent activities with another male or who allows himself to participate in such activities will be punished with jail.
2. If one of the participants is under the age of twenty-one, and if the crime has not been grave, the court may dispense with the jail sentence.
175(a): A jail sentence of up to ten years or, if mitigating circumstances can be established, a jail sentence of no less than three years will be imposed on :
1. any male who by force or by threat of violence and danger to life and limb compels another man to indulge in criminally indecent activities, or allows himself to participate in such activities;
2. any male who forces another male to indulge with him in criminally indecent activities by using the subordinate position of the other man , whether it be at work or elsewhere, or who allows himself to participate in such activities;
3. any male who indulges professionally and for profit in criminally indecent activities with other males, or allows himself to be used for such activities or who offers himself for same.
175(b): Criminally indecent activities by males with animals are to be punished by jail; in addition, the court may deprive the subject of his civil rights.
Source: Richard Plant. The Pink Triangle . New Republic Books/Henry Holt & Co., 1986.
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