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Mutual masturbation by two men.
Synonyms: double-jacking ; dual-masturbation ; jack-off-party ; jack-off-session ; M-and-M ; mutual-masturbation ; playing-chopsticks ; pole-vaulting ; Swedish-culture ; swordfighting .
See Also: 18 USC CHAPTER 110, B.F.D., boundaries, bronco, circle jerk, dermatology, double jacking, dual masturbation, emmenology, group masturbation, jack off party, jack-off session, M and M, masturbatory orgy, mutual masturbation, playing chopsticks, pole vaulting, pornographer, pornographist, pussy patrol, pussy posse, sewing circle, sexnet, sweater girl, Swedish, Swedish culture, swordfighting, vow

Quotes Containing dealing:
Jerry Travers (Fred Astaire) driving Dale Tremont''s (Ginger Rogers) hansom cab in Top Hat (1935): ''In dealing with a girl or horse, one lets nature take-its course.''

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