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double jacking:

From the 1950s onward, two men engaged in mutual-masturbation .
Synonyms: dealing ; dual-masturbation ; jack-off-party ; jack-off-session ; M-and-M ; mutual-masturbation ; playing-chopsticks ; pole-vaulting ; Swedish-culture ; swordfighting .
See Also: bed down, blackjack, bread buttered on both sides, circle jerk, dealing, DINKS, double dong, double dude, double fire, double fuck, double harness, double jacking, double payment, DPP, dual masturbation, earth moved, the, flapjacks, gill, give a double-O, group masturbation, Jack and Dandy, Jack and Danny, Jack and Jill, jack off party, jack-off session, Jackie, jill off, love seat, M and M, masturbatory orgy, mutual masturbation, O.O, playing chopsticks, pole vaulting, sewing circle, Swedish, Swedish culture, swordfighting, wet as an otters pocket, as

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