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1. Excessive, intemperate indulgence in sexual and sensual pleasures, especially participation in sexual orgies or seduction of the young.
Synonyms: burning candle at both ends; carousal; depravity; dissipation; dissoluteness; excess; fast living; fornication ; high living; incontinence; indulgence; intemperance; intimacy ; la dolce-vita ; lasciviousness; lechery ; lewdness; libertinage; libertinism; license; licentiousness ; life in fast lane; lust ; orgy; overindulgence; revel; revelry; seduction; sensualism; sensuality; sybaritism.

2. Orgies.

See Also: best in Christendom, blowen, bull's eye, crown of sense, debauchee, heliogabalus, Roman night

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