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Gay term for:

1. An enticing young man used by: a) the police to entrap gay men into performing a sex-act in public; b) gay-bashers to force gay men to reveal themselves so they can beat them up ; c) blackmailers to lure gay , bisexual or married men into performing compromising sex-acts.
Synonyms: bait ; come-on-boy ; fairy-hawk ; jail-bait ; jailhouse-pussy .

2. Stuffing or padding worn in the pants to give the impression of having a large penis .

3. A vice officer in disguise.
Synonyms: crapper-dick ; urinal-sniffer .
See also: peep-hole-squad.

See Also: 9-5-er, boot-licker, come-on boy, crapper dick, fairy hawk, jailhouse pussy, nine-to-fiver, stonk-on, wanger, whanger, wrinkly

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