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To void feces from the bowels. See defecation for synonyms.
See Also: abort, back one out (and snap it off), big hit, blowing out the plug, brown log jobbie, brown shower, bury a quaker, cack, call of nature, cast one's pellet, chezolagnia, choke a darkie, chuck a turd, cramber, crank an eight ball, crap, cuck, curl one off, D-up, dispatch one's cargo, do a dike, do a do-do, do a job for oneself, do ones business, doodle, dook, drop a load, drop one's ass, drop one's wax, drop turds, dump a load, ease nature, ease one's bowels, ease oneself, Edgar Britt, empty the manure spreader, evacuate one's bowels, Forest Gump, go upstairs, grow a tail, grunt, hang a darky, have a bowel movement, Irish shave, lay a cable, lay cable, loosen the bowels, make a big hit, make a ca-ca, make a deposit, make a poo-poo, move one's bowels, needs of nature, the, pick a daisy, pick a flower, play hockey, poo, pooh, press a shoelace, push out a grumpy, relieve oneself, ride the porcelain bus, ride the porcelain Honda, scumber, shit the plug, shoot the plug, sit on the throne, smell the place up, stinky, take a crap, take a dump, take a poo, take a shit, take a squat, tar baby, toilet service, toilet servitude, toilet sex, toilet slave, toilet training, turtle, turtle head, turtle's head, unfeed, unload, visit Miss Murphy, visit Mrs. Jones, visit the Widow Jones

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