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Rupturing a woman's hymen or flower , typically through the first experience of sexual-intercourse or by other means. The terms deflowering and defloration imply that a woman is being deprived of something, the flower of virginity . See deflower for synonyms.
See Also: arts, axed, bat-foul, battered, be the first, blaze the trail, blossom, blown safe, bored, break, break a cherry, break a crust, break a leg, break and enter, break her leg above the knee, break open the pie, broach claret, broken, broken her teacup, broken-kneed, broken-legged (above the knee), busted cherry, buster, butcher, cherry harvest, cherry pick, cherry picker, cherrypop, chop-chop, christened with a pump handle, clipped in the ring, coitus virgineus, cop a cherry, crack a cherry, crack a crib, crack a crust, crack a Jane, crack a Judy, crack a pitcher, crack a teacup, crack Judy's teacup, crack the pipkin, crack the pitcher, crack the teapot, cracked, cracked mortar, cracked pipkin, cracked pitcher, cultures, cut the cake, damaged goods, debauch, deflorate, defloration, deflowered, deflowering, depradate, despoil, devirginate, devirgination, devirginize, dock at harbor, fed at both ends, first, foraminate, get through, jus primae noctis, knock off a piece, lose it, lose one's cherry, lost her cherry, lost her honor, made woman, make damaged goods, manhandle, papa cherry, pick a cherry, pick a lock, pick a rosebud, pick the lock, pluck, pluck a cherry, pluck a rose, pluck the bean, pop a cherry, pop somebody open, pop the cork, pop the puss, poppa cherry, punch, punch a hole, ring snatching, rip off, Roman engagement, rose, ruin the rug, scuttle, split a sheet, split the cup, take a cherry, take away the prime beauty of, tried, trim, trim and buff, trim the buff, undeflowered, unvirgin, vaginated, way, wounded in the thigh, wreck a maidenhead, wreck a rectum

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