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Code word for fetish . The words arts, cultures , way , when preceded by the name of a country , refer to specific fetishistic or deviant sexual-preferences. 'I'm into / we're into...' means involved in, a practitioner of a particular of. S & Mers will sometimes refer to themselves by saying: ' I'm / we're into all the arts' , meaning sadomasochism. Dominatrix experienced in all cultures and fantasies ....
Synonyms: cultures ; way .

-- all-the-arts = sadomasochism

-- corporal-arts = sadomasochism

-- English-arts = spanking and caning (by extension sadomasochism)

-- French arts (cultures, way) = oral-genital-sex

-- Greek arts (cultures, way) = homosexuality and anal-sex

-- Italian arts (cultures, way) = anal-sex

-- Irish-way = heterosexual anal-copulation .

-- Roman arts = orgies

-- Russian-arts = coitus-intramammas

-- Swedish-arts = rubber fetishism

-- Turkish arts = deflowering .

See Also: acupressure, all the arts, Ars Amandi, ars erotica, ars musica, art of pleasure, artist, artiste, arts, B & T, babyology, breasts and buttocks, bum and tits, CA, cheesecake, coprology, cornucopia, corporalist, cultures, discipline, English cultures, English vice, fellatrice, fellatrix, fetishism, Fr, French, French art(s), French culture(s), French language training, Gr, Greek culture(s), Greek fashion, Greek love, Greek style, Greek way, greeking, Irish way, lief, lovemaking, maieutics, maladie anglaise, one-night stand, osculation, sapphistry, scientia sexualis, Swedish, T & A, tilting, tit art, vice anglais, wargasm, way

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