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1. Awoman viewed merely as a sex-object ; one of many words typical of the sexual objectification of women. Defined by Captain Francis Grose in Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811) as: ' A wench . A prime-article . A handsome wench . She's a prime-article (Whip slang.) She's a devilish good piece , a hell of a goer .'

2. By extension, a woman regarded as having loose morals. See playgirl for synonyms.

3. The vagina or female genitalia . See vagina for synonyms.

See Also: antifetishism, article, boinng, erotica, kiss and tell, net pornography, other woman, the, piece, scabies, scabs, slow exotic, thesauromania

Quotes Containing article:
''Of course you''re confused , you''re wearing my underwear .'' Buddy Griffith (Billy Jacoby) to his sister Terry (Joyce Hyser) who disquised herself as a boy to write an article for a contest in Just One of the Boys (1985)

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