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1. Clothes worn next to the skin under outer clothes. These include: binders ; bloomers ; body stocking; boxer-shorts ; bra ; brassiere ; briefs ; bum-bags ; chemise ; dainties ; drawers ; foundation-garment ; French panties ; linen; lingerie ; long johns (winter); long underwear (winter); pantalets; panties ; panty-girdle; petticoat; scanties; shorts; slip; slips ; thermal underwear (winter); undies ; underchunders ; undergrots ; underpants; undershirt; underskirt; underthings ; underclothes; unmentionables .


(1) The Girl (Marilyn Monroe) to Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) in The Seven Year Itch (1955): ' You know , when it's hot like this, you know what I do? I keep my undies in the icebox .'

(2) Havana / Betsy Iggets (Patricia Arquette) a Marilyn look-alike, in Holy Matrimony (1994): ' When the weather is hot like this I keep my panties in the refrigerator .'

2. A soiled underwear fetishist.

See Also: beeveedees, binders, boxer shorts, boxers, butt floss, butt-crack, BVDs, Calvins, candidiasis, cream one's knickers, cream one's silkies, dainties, diaphanophilia, do and dare, fetish, flesh bag, go commando, intimate apparel, jock and boxer, lingerie, moniliasis, panties, peepee hole, scants, skid marks, skivvies, slips, sniffer, three-legged bloomers, tightie whities, transvestophilia, trolleys, trollies, underkecks, underthings, underwear, undies, undy-grundy, unmentionables, uns, vaginal yeast infection, visible panty line, yeast infection

Quotes Containing underwear:
''You are like wet sand in my underwear .'' Cindy (Rosie Perez) to her flirting boss in Untamed Heart (1993)
''Can I use her underwear to make soup?'' Rigby Reardon (Steve Martin) in Dead Men Don''t Wear Plaid (1982).
''Of course you''re confused , you''re wearing my underwear .'' Buddy Griffith (Billy Jacoby) to his sister Terry (Joyce Hyser) who disquised herself as a boy to write an article for a contest in Just One of the Boys (1985)
''Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear . Doesn''t make me Madonna. Never will.'' Cyn(thia) (Joan Cusack) to her ambitious friend Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) who is taking, in her opinion, a dangerous short-cut to success in Working Girl (1988)
Dick Tracy (Warren Beatty) and Breathless Mahoney (Madonna) after the death of Lips in Dick Tracy (1990) - Tracy: ''No grief for Lips?'' - Breathless: ''I''m wearing black underwear .''
Elaine Navazio (Sally Kellerman) and Barney Cashman (Alan Arkin) in Last of the Red Hot Lovers (1972). Elaine is Barney''s first of three unsuccessful attempts at middle-age, extra-marital sex . - Elaine:''Is it possible that you''re actually as cold as you sound?'' - Barney:''I need gloves to take off my underwear .'' - Elaine: ''Flippant, wise and cold . You don''t permit yourself to be honest and open for a minute, do you?'' - Barney:''Barney, I''m gonna give you one free hint so the afternoon isn''t a total write off . If you want undying love and romance , take a guitar and go to Spain. I''m leaving for good. My peek has ebbed.'' - Elaine: ''Cold, callous and unemotional.'' - Barney:''Those are my attorneys. You know where to get in touch with me.''

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