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1. Bisexual. See bisexual for synonyms.

2. Homosexual, still hiding in-the-closet , but close to exiting. In (1) and (2) usage may be jocular or disparaging; in either case it is rarely appreciated

See Also: absolute risk, anal birth, assed up, bags, baz, Beaulah, Beulah, bitched, buggered, and bewildered, broadwalk, brothel sprout, bum bags, burner, butter, caught between the pointers and setters, cauliflower, child abuser, coitus sine ejaculatione, controsexual, cupidinous, danglers, dishabillopedia, dude, erogenous zones, fiddle-stick, fiddling stick, fucked up, gaga, gaying it, go around with, go on the loose, go out with, go steady, go with, goatee, hard head, headfuck, herosexual, his lordship, His Majesty in purple cap, hockey, homogenic, hymenal, hymeneal, ice queen, icing queen, in the saddle, intersexual, isosexual, knock somebody off, live-in (lover), love a party, love apples, love to party, M, meat market, privates, rasher, sex icon, sexicon, short eyeballs, short-eyes, simulsexual, snuggle pup, this way and that way, tit-bit, tit-bits, trout, vertical grin

Quotes Containing confused:
Noel (Stephen Rae) hitting on Angie Scacciapensieri (Geena Davis) in Angie (1994): - Noel: ''We haven''t met. My name is Noel. Yours, please?'' - Angie: ''Ralph.'' - Noel: ''Oh, we''re giving real names. Mine''s Denise.'' - Angie: ''Are you lonely or horny? What''s your problem?'' - Noel: ''I''m Irish which often gets confused for lonely and horny .''
''Of course you''re confused , you''re wearing my underwear .'' Buddy Griffith (Billy Jacoby) to his sister Terry (Joyce Hyser) who disquised herself as a boy to write an article for a contest in Just One of the Boys (1985)

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