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A thin sheath of latex , polyurethane, or animal intestine worn over the penis during intercourse to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexually-transmitted-diseases. With the advent of the female-condom a distinction is sometimes made today between male and female-condom . Condoms are not 100% effective; some STDs are contracted by skin to skin contact outside the protective area of a condom . See condom [SYN] for synonyms.

- a) Check the expiry date on the condom .
- b) Do not store condoms in warm-places (not in your back pocket); it weakens the latex .
- c) Avoid oil-based lubricants; they weaken latex-condoms.
- d) Use plenty of water-based lubricant (to prevent condoms breaking, and to avoid tiny cuts in the skin).
Etymology: Possibly named after: a) Dr. Condom or Conton, a physician at the court of Charles II (ca 1660-1685). b) Colonel Condum in the Royal Guard to Condom, a town in Germany.

COPULATION WITH A CONDOM: armored-division ; cheat-the-census ; cloak-the-captain ; coitus-condomatus ; fight-in-armor ; safe-sex ; showering-in-a-raincoat .
COPULATION WITHOUT A CONDOM: a-capella ; a-straight-shot ; apache ; baby-gallop ; bald-journey ; bareback-sex ; barebacking ; barefoot ; BB ; gymnophallation ; have-sex-meat-to-meat ; meat-to-meat ; raw-sex ; riding-bareback ; rough-riding (roughriding); skin-diver ; unprotected-sex ; wombwashing .SHEATED PENIS: condomized.UNSHEATED PENIS: barefoot ; unsheated penis ; baby-grinder ; bareback-rider; condomless .


(1) John Irving. The World According to Garp (1978): ' No glove , no love .'

(2) Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) and Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) in Pretty Woman (1990)-- Vivian: ' Pick one! I've got red, I've got green, I've got yellow , I'm out of purple but I do have one Gold Circle Coin left, the condom of champions, the one-and-only , nothing is getting through this sucker . What do you say? '-- Edward: ' A buffet of safety .'

(3) Uncle Benny (Ned Beatty) to his nephew Ed Chilton (Steve Buscemi) in Ed and His Dead Mother (1994): ' Do you have protection? Shield that gator , no regrets later .'

Synonyms: American-sock, armor, bag, baggie, balloon, bone-bag, bone-balloon, boner-bag, beetleskin, benjamin, bikini condom (female c.), bishop, blob, Brummagem-Joe, bubble-gum, c-d-m, cadet, candy-wrapper, cap (male or female c.), capote-allemande, capote-anglaise, cardigan, Casanovas-rubber-sock, cassock, cecum-condom, cheater, cheesepipe-clingfilm, cock-sock, collapsible-container, come-balloon, come-drum, condominium, Coney-Island-whitefish, cum drum (comdrum), cundum, diving-bell, diving-suit, doodah, Englisn overcoat, envelope, fish skin (fishskin), flunkey, Fourex, franger, French-letter, French-love-letter, French-safe, French-tickler, Frenchie, Frenchy, frog, froggie, frogskin, fuck-rubber, fucking-rubber, Glad-bag, glove, gumboot, head-gasket, headliner, Hudson-River-whitefish, Italian-letter, Jimmy-cap, Jimmy-hat, jism-jacket, jo-bag, john, johnny, jolly-bag, joy-bag, joy-sock, knob-sox, latex, latex-nightcap, life-jacket, life-preserver, life-saver, love-envelope, love-glove, lubie (lubricated c.), Manhattan-eel, mouses-sleeping-bag, Mr.-Happy's-business-suit, nightcap, noddy, overcoat, packer-glove, party-hat, party-pack, pecker-glove, pecker-pack, plonker, plumber's-helper, Port-Said-garter, pro, propho, prophylactic, protection, protective-raincoat, raincoat, redingote-d'Angleterre, riding-jacket, root-suit, rough-rider (ribbed c.), rozzer, rubber, rubber-boots, rubber cookie (male or female c.), rubber-duck, rubber-ducky, rubber-goods, rubber-Johnny, rubber-sock, saddle, safe, safety, scum bag (scumbag), scum-sack, shag bag, sheath, shower-cap, skin, sleeve, slicker, snake-skin, sock, tail protection, ticklers, tool-bag, topcoat, Trojan, washer, wetsuit, wiener-wrap, willie wellie (willy-welly), baby buggy buffer, baby block, baggie, banana bandana, banana peel, banger-hanger, birth berth, bitch glitch, blockaides, boa contricter, bobby sock, bone bonnet, boxing glove, cameltoe noflow, cape-horn, Catholic catheter, child proof lid, cloak for dagger, cock cap, cock dock, cock-a-doodle-don't, cocking stocking, conceivable receivable, crash helmet, cumbrella, cummer bun, cyclops eye patch, dick dam, Dick C. Cup, dicktionary, dipper slipper, distributor cap, DNA lounge, dong sarong, dunce cap, embryno, feltcher squelcher, ferret sock, fish ladder, fornication filtration, Freudian-slip, full latex jacket, gauntlet, gender guard, gene pool, geyser cork, gift wrap, glad-bag, goo-be-gone, h.i.v. net, hatch catcher, head-gasket, heir alter, hereditary halter, hickory dickory dock, holds the mayo, hood ornament, hub cap, indickitive, life-saver, Little Red Riding hood, love-glove, Major Woody's uniform, Mount Hood, Mr.-Happy's-business-suit, Mr. Hardon's Dress Whites, mushroom cap, one-eyed willie's eye patch, party-hat, penal pullover, pud pod, Purple Warrior Armor, rascal wrapper, relative preventive, salami skin, spanky hanky, sperm lance-a-not, sperm dam, sperm bag, sperm worm, sperminal terminal, spoo keeper, spunk spittoon, stopcock, stuffer stocking, tuition abolition, weenie beanie, wham bam dam, wienerhosen, Woody's wetsuit, zuccini beanie

See Also: a capella, a straight shot, actual failure rate, American sock, anal play, anal sexual play, apache, armor, armored division, baby-gallop, baby-grinder, bag, baggie, bald journey, balloon, bareback, bareback rider, bareback sex, barebacking, barefoot, BB, beetleskin, benjamin, bikini condom, bishop, blob, bone bag, bone balloon, boner bag, Brummagem Joe, bubble gum, bubble-gum machine, c-d-m, cadet, candy wrapper, capote allemande, capote anglaise, cardigan, Casanovas rubber sock, cassock, cecum condom, cheat the census, cheater, cheesepipe clingfilm, cloak the captain, cock sock, coitus condomatus, collapsible container, come balloon, come-drum, condom, condom earring, condominium, condomless, Coney Island whitefish, cum drum, cumdrum, cundum, cunnilinguate, diving bell, diving suit, doodah, Dreadnought, English overcoat, envelope, fellate, female condom, fight in armor, fish skin, flunkey, Fourex, franger, French letter, French love letter, French safe, French tickler, Frenchie, Frenchy, frog, froggie, frogskin, fuck rubber, fucking rubber, glad bag, glove, gumboot, gymnophallation, gymnophallic, have sex meat-to-meat, head gasket, headliner, Hudson River whitefish, Italian letter, jacket, Jelly Boy, Jimmy cap, Jimmy hat, jism jacket, jo-bag, john, johnny, jolly bag, joy bag, joy sock, knob sox, lambskin condom, latex, latex condom, latex nightcap, life jacket, life preserver, life saver, love envelope, love glove, lube, lubie, lubricant, lubricated condom, magnum, male condom, Manhattan eel, meat-to-meat, mouses sleeping bag, Mr. Happy's business suit, natural condom, night-cap, noddy, overcoat, packer glove, party hat, party pack, pecker glove, pecker pack, plonker, plumber's helper, Port Said garter, posh wank, pre-cum, pro, prophylactic, protection, protective raincoat, raincoat, raw sex, redingote d'Angleterre, riding bareback, riding jacket, root suit, rough-rider, rough-riding, rozzer, rubber, rubber boots, rubber cooky, rubber duck, rubber ducky, rubber goods, rubber Johnny, rubber sock, saddle, safe, Safe Ears, scum bag, scum sack, sex cap, sex lube, sex lubricant, shag-bag, sheath, shower cap, showering in a raincoat, skin, skin condom, skin-diver, skins, sleeve, slicker, snake skin, sock, spermicidal latex condom, straight shot, tail security, take out the trash, ticklers, tool bag, topcoat, Trojan, unprotected sex, washer, wetsuit, wiener wrap, willie wellie, wombwashing

Quotes Containing condom:
Det. MacArthur Stern (Gene Hackman) posing as Dr. Bolsef of the District of Columbia Health Department who wants to cite a couple for copulating without a condom in Loose Cannons (1990): ''I''m afraid I''ll hace to cite on under D .C. Statute 308 694 2-64.'' Regrettably, as it turns out , they''re all out of Indiscriminate Copulation Forms.
Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) and Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) in Pretty Woman (1990): - Vivian: ''Pick one! I''ve got red, I''ve got green, I''ve got yellow , I''m out of purple but I do have one Gold Circle Coin left, the condom of champions, the one-and-only , nothing is getting through this sucker . What do you say?'' - Edward: ''A buffet of safety.''

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