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1. Dated word for the testicles. See penis for synonyms.

2. In prostitution terminology, the streets .

See Also: apotemnophilia, bare brisket, Bihari procedure, bishop, blood sports, bob-tail, braid cutting, break face, butch cut, butch-queen, cabbage field, cabbage garden, cabbage patch, cat with its throat cut, cat's head cut open, cat-o-nine-tails, circumcised, cornflake, crap, crapper, cunnilinguate, cut the mustard, decolletage, Delilah syndrome, depilation, divine scar, everlasting wound, fellate, fetish clothing, fetish wear, figs, fuck-me pumps, glory hole, gloryhole, hairy Mary, horn mad, hussy, infibulation, macho-fem, mark of the beast, nick, popular body parts, roarer, shrubbery, slaughter house, slit, uncircumcised, walking the street(s), working outside, working the bricks, working the street(s)

Quotes Containing cuts:
Huntley Haverstock/John Jones (Joel McCrea) to Carol Fisher (Laraine Day) in Foreign Correspondent (1940). - Johnny Jones: ''I''m in-love-with you, and I want to marry you.'' - Carol Fisher: ''I''m in-love-with you, and I want to marry you.'' - Johnny Jones: ''Hmm... That cuts down our love-scene quite a bit , doesn''t it?''

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