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Said of a penis with surgically removed foreskin . In his humorous dictionary The Penthouse Sexicon (1968) Frederic Mullally defined circumcision: ' Method of sorting out the mensch from the goys .'
CIRCUMCISED: acucullophallic ; bald(-headed); chopped ; clipped ; cut ; cut-out-to-be-a-gentleman ; cut-out-to-be-a-man ; Jewish-by-hospitalization ; Jewish-by-operation ; kosher ; kosher-style ; low-neck ; low-neck-and-short-sleeves ; nipped ; ringbarked ; short-sleeved ; skinned-back ; sliced ; snipped ; surgically-altered; trimmed ; turtleneck ; twenty-twenty .
CIRCUMCISED PENIS: chopped-cock ; clipped-dick ; Jews-lance ; Jew's-compliment ; Jewish-compliment ; Jewish-corned-beef ; Jewish-national ; kosher-dill ; kosher-meat ; kosher-pickle ; lop-cock ; low-neck ; roundhead .
UNCIRCUMCISED: blind ; blind-as-a-boiled-turnip ; Canadian ; nearsighted ; u/c ; uncut ; unsliced ; wear-it-up-in-curls (or curlers); wear-it-up-in-pins ; wear-a-turtleneck-sweater ; wink .
UNCIRCUMCISED PENIS: blind-meat ; blind-piece ; Canadian-bacon ; cavalier ; change-purse ; chicken-neck ; goy-toy ; Jewish-nightcap ; Principal-Skinner ; roundhead ; skin-boy ; tref ; unsliced-bologna .
Synonyms: acucullophallic, bald(-headed), chopped, clipped, cut, cut-out-to-be-a-gentleman, cut-out-to-be-a-man, Jewish-by-hospitalization, Jewish-by-operation, kosher, kosher-style, low-neck, low-neck-and-short-sleeves, nipped, ringbarked, short-sleeved, skinned-back, sliced, snipped, surgically-altered, trimmed, turtleneck, twenty-twenty, CIRCUMCISED PENIS, chopped-cock, clipped-dick, Jews-lance, Jew's-compliment, Jewish-compliment, Jewish-corned-beef, Jewish-national, kosher-dill, kosher-meat, kosher-pickle, lop-cock, low-neck, roundhead, UNCIRCUMCISED, blind, blind-as-a-boiled-turnip, Canadian, nearsighted, u/c, uncut, unsliced, wear it up in curls (or curlers), wear-it-up-in-pins, wear-a-turtleneck-sweater, wink, UNCIRCUMCISED PENIS, blind-meat, blind-piece, Canadian-bacon, cavalier, change-purse, chicken-neck, goy-toy, Jewish-nightcap, Principal-Skinner, roundhead, skin-boy, tref, unsliced bologna.

See Also: acucullophallia, acucullophallic, acucullophilia, acucullus, bald, bald-headed, bald-headed candidate, bald-headed hermit, bald-headed mouse, bald-headed rat, cavalier, chopped, chopped cock, circumcised, cleaned, clipped, clipped dick, cut, cut out to be a gentleman, cut out to be a man, Does it wink?, hooded, intact, Jew's compliment, Jewish by hospitalization, Jewish by operation, Jewish compliment, Jewish corned beef, Jewish national, Jews lance, kosher, kosher dill, kosher meat, kosher pickle, kosher-style, lop cock, low neck, low neck and short sleeves, nipped, nipped in the bud, pickle, ringbarked, roundhead, short sleeved, short sleeves, skin boy, skinned, skinned-back, sliced, snipped, surgically altered, trimmed, turtleneck, twenty-twenty, uncircumcised, winkie, winky

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