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Or: skinned , circumcised . See circumcised for synonyms.
See Also: a-one and a-two and a-three, abrasion, acarophobia, albedosynia, amychesis, anal fissure, anal fistula, arse up, bare-skin, bare-skinned, bareback, BDTs, beetleskin, brand, BRB, bridle string, burn the grass, cicatrization, cockring, coitus à cheval, coronal sulcus, cremie, a, delo diam, delo nammow, dermacentric, dermagraphism, dermaphilia, dermatitis, dermatology, dermatopathophobia, dermatophobia, dermatosiophobia, dermophiliac, dick peddler, diseases, doraphilia, draw the blinds, eroductions, fistula in ano, foreskin, hide, honey dip, hum a tune (on the flute), hump ribs, in the skin, itch mite, lambskin condom, lubra, natural condom, play the flute, prepuce, raspberry tart, rear guard, Sarcoptes scabiei (hominis), scabies mite, scarring, skin diving, skin mag, skin magazine, skinned, skinned-back, skins, spoon fashion, swoony, syphilitic acne, tape, tradesmens entrance, tuck, usher, workman's entrance

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