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To fellate an uncircumcised penis .
Synonyms: cure-the-blind ; draw-the-drapes ; make-the-blind-see ; ride-a-blind-piece ; sponge-off-the-dust .
See Also: abrasion, acarophobia, acne, acne syphilitica, acute HIV infection, albedosynia, anal fissure, anal fistula, asymptomatic viral shedding, bald, bald-headed, ball dancing, bare-skin, bare-skinned, bareback, bath house, beast fetishism, bell dancing, bikini lines, blood sports, blue balls, blueballs, bobstay, brand, branding, bridle string, Broken Cloud, buff, buff leather, buff-bare, cafe au lait, Calymmatobacterium granulomatis, candle wax torture, church, cicatrization, cinebonds, cinema XXX, cinemarotic, cinemaroticism, circumcised, clamp, clip, clitoris, cockring, condom, Covent Garden ague, crab lice, crabs, crackling, cure the blind, dartos, dartos muscle, den (of sin), dermacentric, dermagraphism, dermaphilia, dermatitis, dermatology, dermatopathophobia, dermatophobia, dermatosiophobia, dermophiliac, dimple, diseases, Dogiel's corpuscles, donovanosis, doraphilia, draw the drapes, driving range, dyspareunia, eroductions, fellator, fistula in ano, flesh factory, foreskin, fourchette, fraenum (of the penis), frenulum, frenulum laborium, frenulum of the labia, frenulum of the penis, frenum (of the penis), frenum of the clitoris, genital herpes, genital herpes simplex virus, Granuloma inguinale, guy cramps, heck bite, hecklace, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hickey, hide, honey dip, hot wax, HPV, hum a tune (on the flute), human papilloma virus, human scabies, hygiene hall, hyphephilia, in the skin, inner labia, inner lips (of the vagina), inner vulvar lips, inside lips (of the vagina), itch mite, jerkin's hand lotion, kiss bite, labia, labia majora, lambskin condom, latex condom, lesser vulval lips, love bite, major lips (of the vagina), masturbator, meat flute, melted butter, minor lips (of the vagina), monkey bite, mount, naked, natural condom, octoroon, onion skin, outer labia, outer lips (of the vagina), outer vulvar lips, pediculosis pubis, pip, play the flute, play the skin flute, prepuce, pubic lice, Purple Heart, quadroon, ride a blind piece, Sarcoptes scabiei (hominis), scabies, scabies mite, scabs, scarring, secondary syphilis, shag tags, silent flute, skin, skin condom, skin diving, skin mag, skin magazine, skin-chasing, skinned, skinned-back, skins, sponge off the dust, strawberry kiss, suckers, surphling of breasts, Swollen Bite, syphilitic acne, tape, Tarzan chord, tickle, tubs, tuck, tunica dartos, uncircumcised, violet wand, virtuoso of the skin flute, wax, wax torture, zooerastia, zooerasty

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