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Acronym for human-papilloma-virus , a very common sexually transmitted virus and infection also known as condyloma / condylomata acuminata / papovavirus-warts / genital-warts / venereal-warts . There are about 70 different types of HPV, 20 of these cause warts in the genital area, the other types cause common warts on other-parts of the body, especially on the hands and feet. HPV is spread to sexual partners by skin contact, or to infants during childbirth. SYMPTOMS: Some people never get warts , even though they carry the virus. The first signs may not appear until 1-9 months after exposure to the virus. Some warts are painless, others are itchy , some cannot be seen, others take the form of large pink , white, brown or gray warts that occur alone or in groups. TREATMENT: The warts can be removed but the virus will remain in the body. External warts are removed by a special medication (Podophyllin, Trichloracetic Acid (TCA), Condyline), by surgery, or cryosurgery.
See Also: condyloma (acuminata), genital warts, HPV, human papilloma virus, papovavirus warts, venereal warts

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