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venereal warts:

Or: condyloma / condylomata acuminata / papovavirus-warts / genital-warts , one of the most common sexually-transmitted-disease , it is caused by human-papilloma-virus (HPV). HPV is spread by direct contact with the warts of an infected person during unprotected oral, vaginal or anal-sex ; it can also be passed from an infected mother to her baby during birth. SYMPTOMS: Symptoms are likely to appear 1 to 9 months after exposure. Flat, smooth, bumpy, or round warts in the mouth , around the genitals or the anus (internal or external) which can be invisible to the naked eye . If left untreated, they can spread and develop a cauliflower-like appearance. Although 15% of those infected show no signs, they may have flat lesions or warts inside the urethra , vagina , or rectum, and may still be infectious to others. TREATMENT: There is treatment for the genital-warts but no cure for the virus. Warts can be removed by laser, freezing (cryosurgery; the warts are frozen off with liquid nitrogen), medicated acid solutions (Podophyllin, Trichloracetis Acid (TCA), Condyline), or surgery.
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