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anal sex:

Sexual intercourse in which the penis is inserted into the anus of the partner . See anal-copulation for synonyms.


(1) W.B. Yeats: ' Love has pitched her mansion in the place of excrement .'

(2) St. Augustine: 'Inter faeces et urinem nascimur.' (We are born between feces and urine.)

(3) Robert Reisner. Graffiti. Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing : 'Fuck scatology .'

(4) Ibid.: ' Homosexuality is a pain-in-the-ass . '

(5) Atoon (Gedde Watanabe) about the sumo wrestlers ogling his ass , and Lawrence Bourne III (Tom Hanks) in Volunteers (1985):
-- Atoon: ' Don't say nothing more. They want to use me like a woman .'
-- Lawrence: ' Well, you'll just have to show them you can take-it like a man .'

(6) Robert Schimmel guest star on the Rodney Dangerfield comedy special Nothin' Goes Right (1988): ' Some of these guys only like it if they think the girl doesn't like it ; it's some sort of weird power trip thing for these guys. It's like anal sex . I think if you really wanted to try that with a girl and she said: ' OK, but be really gentle because no one ever did anything like this to me before .' You'd get the hard-on of a lifetime. But if she said: ' Give me that big dick and drive me around the block .' You wouldn't be able to get-it-up if there was money involved .'

Synonyms: 66, 99, a-bit-of-brown, a-bit-of-ring, a-bucking, ace-fuck, anal-coitus, anal-copulation, anal-dance, anal-delight, anal-intercourse, anal-genital coition, anal-genital coitus, anal-genital-intercourse, anal-genital sex, anal-job, anal-lovemaking, anal-sex, analize, androsodomy, anogenital coitus, anogenital-intercourse, ask-for-the-ring, ass-fuck, ass fucking, asshole-fucking, asshole-plugging, BF, back-door-boogie, back-door-work, back-jump, back-scuttle, backgammon, bag, bake-potatoes, baloney-colonic, banging-fudge, base fuckbatter the sausage, behind-door-work, behind-the-behind, bend-some-ham, bend-someone-over, bit-of-brown, bit-of-ring, bit-of-tail, bone-in-the-bum, bone-the-bum, boogie, boom-boom, bore, boring-a-bud, bot, bottle, broaden-someone's-outlook, broom-in-a-cave, brown, brown (hole), brown-eye, browning, bubble, bufu, bugger, buggering, buggery, bum-fiddle, bum-fuck, bum-fucking, bumfuck, bumholerous-fuckerous, bumming, bung, bunghole, burgle, bury-one's-ring, bury-the-bone-in-the-backyard, bury-one's-ring, butt-balling, butt-bang, butt-banging, butt-fuck, butt-fucking, butt-in, butt-play, butt-plug, butthole-surfing, buttplay, chase-the-brown-clown-around-the-town, chocolate-cha-cha, chocolate-chimney-sweep, chocolate-speedway, code-brown, coitus-in-ano, coitus-in-the-anus, coitus-analis, coitus-in-anum, coitus-in-the-rectum, coitus-per-anum, coitus-per-rectum, coitus-sodomus, cornhole, cornholing, cottaging, craphole-fuck, cruising-the-Hershey-highway, daisy-duck, daub-of-the-brush, delivering-to-dirtbox-drive, dig-a-ditch, dip-in-the-fudge-pot, dinner-mashing, dirt-roading, dive-into-the-sky, diving-in-the-sky, do-a-stern-job, do-it-the-Greek-way, dog-in-the-bathtub, dot-the-I, drilling-for-marmite, drive-it-up-to-Hilltop-Drive, drive-up-to-Hilltop-Drive, drop-the-soap, enjoy-a-stroll-down-(the)-Cadbury-alley, enjoy-a-stroll-down-(the)-Cadbury-avenue, enjoy-a-stroll-down-(the)-Cadbury-canal, file-in-the-wrong-box, fishing-for-brown-trout, fishing-for-trouser-trout, fluff-the-duff, foop, fuck-buttock, fuck-in-the-ass, fuck-in-the-brown, fudge-packing, get some brown (surgar), get-some-mud-for-the-duck, get-some-round-eye, getting some round eye, go-Hollywood, going-down-the-dirt-road, going-down-the-Hershey-highway, going-up-the-ass, going-up-the-chute, going up mustard road, going-up-the-Hershey-Bar-road, go-up-the-dirt-road, going-up-the-mustard-road, going up the (old) dirt road, Greek (greek), Greek-art(s), Greek-culture(s), Greek-love, Greek-style, Greek-way, greeking, gut-reaming, have-a-bit-of-bum, have-a-bit-of-navy-cake, have-a-bit-of-tail, Hershey-Bar-route, high-Greek, Hindustani-jig, hole-in-one, hole-it, hose, hot-dogging, impale, in-the-brown, in-the-saddle, Italian-culture, Italian-fashion, Italian-habit, Italian-way, keester-stab, kicking the back the door in, lay-the-leg, let's-play-52-pick-up, love that dare not speak its name, mix-your-peanut-butter, molly, moon shot (moonshot), (the) nameless crime, navy-style, ninety-nine, open-up-the-ass, open-up-someone's-ass, oscarize, pack-fudge, pack-some-mud, packing-mud, paint-the-bucket, part-cheeks, part-someone's-cheeks, penoanal-intercourse, penoanal sex, perve, phallate-per-rectum, pick-up-the-soap, pig-sticking, pipe, pitch, plank, play-chess, play-checkers, play-dump-truck, play-leapfrog, plug, popping it in the toaster, a pot of brown, pound-someone's-ass, pound someone's butt, pound someone's cheeks, pound the ass (butt or cheeks), proctophallism, pulling-the-train, pumping-off, punk, ram, ram-job, ram-the-dam, ramming, ream, ream-job, rear-entry, ride-the-deck, ride-up-the-dirt-road, rocky-roading, Roman-engagement, rump-work, saddle-it, sail-into-the-wind, sailor's-cup-of-tea, screw-some-ass, secret-sin, sexual-analism, shaft-in-the-bum, shit-stabbing, shit-fuck, shoot-in-the-tail, shoot-at-the-back-door, shoot-in-the-brown, shoot-the-star, shoot-up-the-straight, a shot at the back door, sink-the-brown, siphnianize, sitting-on-it, sixty-six, slate-bowl, slate-plate, slick-and-slim-up-the-old-dusty-road, snag, sod, sodoma-imperfecta, sodomize, sodomy, sotadism, split-some-buns, split-someone's-buns, spread one's ass (butt or cheeks), stand-up-job, stern-approach, stern-job, stir-a-little-fudge, stir-some-shit, stir-chocolate, stir-fudge, stir-shit, stir-someone's-chocolate, stir-someone's-fudge, stir-someone's-shit, stretch-some-jeans, stroll down (the) Cadbury alley, stroll down (the) Cadbury avenue, stroll down (the) Cadbury canal, tail-job, take-it-up-the-ass, take-the-Hershey-highway, third-way, throw-a-buttonhole-on, throw-a-mean-fuck, throw-a-wicked-fuck, top, toss-a-salad, toss-the-salad, trip-to-the-moon, tunnel, Turkish-culture, turn-over, unmentionable-vice, unnatural-act, unnatural-connection, unnatural-debauchery, unnatural-sexual-intercourse, unnatural-vice, up-the-apple-maker, up-the-ass, up-the-bosco-boulevard, up-the-brown, up-the-bum, up-the-butt, up-the-chocolate-highway, up-the-shitter, up the (old) dirt road, up-the-mustard-road, up-the-ying-yang, uts, vice-allemand, worship-at-the-back-altar, wreck-a-rectum, zorber

See Also: 3-Cs, 99, a bit of brown, a bit of ring, ace fuck, acquired syphilis, active partner, active sodomist, anal copulator, anal dance, anal delight, anal fantasies, anal fisting, anal injector, anal inserts, anal intruder, anal job, anal lovemaking, anal rampooner, anal scientist, anal sex, anal toy, anal-rape fantasy, analingus, analipsation, analize, androsodomy, angel, anilingus, anorast, anus queen, archangel, arse beard, arse worm, arsometry, arts, ask for the ring, ass blow, ass grease, ass hound, ass king, ass man, ass master, ass pirate, ass plug, ass queen, ass thrasher, ass-fucking, asshole fucking, asshole liaisons officer, asshole plugging, Australian sex, back jump, back scuttle, back seat driver, back yard prowler, back-door boogie, back-door buddy, back-door conquistador, backed up, backgammoner, baker's closed, baloney colonic, bambi sex, bang artist, banging fudge, batter the sausage, behavioral transsexualism, behind door work, behind the behind, bend down, bend some ham, bend someone over, better sex, biscuit-bandit, bit of brown, bit of ring, bit of skirt, bit of tail, blessing, blow some ass, blowing out the plug, blue handkerchief, bodyguard, bone in the bum, bone the bum, booty, booty-bandit, boring a bud, bottle merchant, bottom surgeon, box boy, boy-scout queen, broom in a cave, brown admiral, brown eye, brown eye miner, brown eye pie, brownable, brownie queen, Browning sister, buddy booths, buey, bugger-arsed, buggering, buggerling, buggershy, buggery, bum bandit, bum basher, bum prodder, bum-fucker, bum-fugger, bum-licking, bumholerous fuckerous, bumming, bunghole bandit, bunker-shy, bunny cake, burgle, burgler, bury one's ring, bury the bone in the backyard, butt balling, butt bang, butt banging, butt play, butt-fuck buddy, butt-fucking, butt-slut, butthole raper, butthole surfing, buttplay, Cadburys canal cruiser, cave, cheeks-spreader, cherry boy, chicken butcher, Chinese Love Beads, chocolate cha cha, chocolate chimney sweep, chocolate starfish collector, chocolate wings, chutneylingus, clean up the kitchen, coco-shunter, code brown, coitus analis, coitus in ano, coitus in the anus, coitus sodomus, colon-bowler, condyloma (acuminata), contrary sex, coprafelchia, corephallia, corephallism, cottager, cottaging, craphole fuck, cruising the Hershey highway, cultures, daisy chain, deadlier of the species, delivering to dirtbox drive, deviant sexual behavior, devout sex, difficult brown, dinner mashing, dip in the fudge pot, dirt pipe rider, dirt roading, dive into the sky, diving in the sky, do a stern job, do it the Greek way, drilling for marmite, eat jam, eat poundcake, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury alley, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury avenue, enjoy a stroll down (the) Cadbury canal, es-ay, eye doctor, fair sex, fairer sex, fart-catcher, felching, file in the wrong box, fishing for brown trout, fistula in ano, floral arrangement, fluff the duff, foofer felching, force-fuck, forced Greek, fuck buttock, fuck in the ass, fuck in the brown, fudge packing, funk-a-thon, genital herpes, genital herpes simplex virus, genital intercourse, genital warts, gentle sex, gentler sex, genupectoral, get some brown (sugar), get some mud for the duck, get some round eye, get together principle, the, giver, go Hollywood, go up the dirt road, going down the dirt road, going down the Hershey highway, going up the ass, going up the chute, going up the dirt road, going up the Hershey Bar road, going up the mustard road, going up the old dirt road, golden screw, Gr, Greek, Greek art(s), Greek culture(s), Greek fashion, Greek side, Greek style, Greek trade, Greek way, Greekling, gut reaming, gut-stuffer, have a bit of navy cake, have a lot of what s/he's got, have it in a big way, have it in large gobs, have it in large helpings, have plenty of snap in her garter, have plenty of this and that, have plenty of what s/he's got, Hindustani jig, hip-hitter, hitchhiker on the Hershey Highway, hot cross bun, hot dogging, humper and a pumper, a, ice-cube sandwich, impale, in the brown, insertee, intercourse per anum, invader of hinterland, Irish way, it and more, it and that, It-ness, Italian culture, Italian fashion, Italian way, keester-bandit, keester-stab, keister-bandit, keister-stab, kicking the back door in, kissing down under, kissing the star of love, knight of the golden grummet, KS, KY queen, let's play 52 pick-up, lickety-split, makings, the, mamacita, mix your peanut butter, mmph, moll about in the head, moon shot, mustache ride, myeh, ninety-nine, non-kinky sex, non-orthogenic sex, nyeh, old stuff, the, one-way girl, Oriental Love Beads, pack fudge, packin' mud, paint the bucket, part cheeks, part someone's cheeks, pathicant, pedicator, penoanal intercourse, pig sticking, play checkers, play dump truck, play leapfrog, play the piano, plurisexual, poo jabbing, popping it in the toaster nut, pot of brown, a, pound someone's ass, pound the ass, pound the butt, pound the cheeks, pratt-hunter, pratt-man, proctophallism, proposish, prune, Prussian, ram job, ram the dam, rear specialist, reary, ride up the dirt road, rim job, rimmer, rimming, ring around the rosey, rocky roading, Roman engagement, RR, RR 3, rump work, rump-ranger, rumpy, Rural Route, Rural Route 3, saddle it, safe sex, sail into the wind, screw some ass, second sex, sex it up, sex something up, sex stuff, sex voltage, sexaholic, sexaholism, sexobatics, sextacy, sextraction, sexual analism, sexual deviance, sexual deviancy, sexual deviation, shaft in the bum, shit stabbing, shit stirrer, shit the plug, shoot at the back door, shoot in the back, shoot in the brown, shoot the plug, shoot the star, shoot up the straight, shortcake, shot at the back door, a, shove the tongue, shrieker sex, shuntyard captain, Siamese Strings, sin fest, Sin of Sodom, sink the brown, siphnianize, sitting on it, slate bowl, slate plate, slick and slim up the old dusty road, smear the tuna, snarfing, sodoma imperfecta, sodomant, sodomante, sodomee, sodomize, softer sex, sotadism, soup, split some buns, split someone's buns, spread one's ass, spread one's cheeks, stand up job, stern approach, stern chaser, stern job, sterner sex, stir a little fudge, stir chocolate, stir fudge, stir shit, stir some shit, stir someone's chocolate, stir someone's fudge, stir someone's shit, stovepipe, stretch some jeans, String of Pearls, stroll down Cadbury avenue, stroll down Cadbury canal, stroll down the Cadbury avenue, stroll down the Cadbury canal, stuffer, suck asshole, suck-ass, sugar bowl pie, tail-job, take a trip to the moon, take a turn in the barrel, take it, take it anyway, take it from behind, take it up the ass, take the Hershey highway, tampered with, tar brush, technical virgin, that certain something, thata, thelysodomy, third way, thirty-nine, this and that, thisa and thata, three-way girl, throw a buttonhole on, tom fucker, tongue sandwich, tongue somebody out, tongue the tan crack, tongue the tan track, tonguing the hole, tonguing the tan crack, tonguing the tan track, top drawer, toss a salad, toss the salad, TP, trade, transexion, transsex procedures, trip to the moon, triple crown, triple penetration, triple play, truffle hunting, turd bandit, turd burglar, turd packer, Turkish culture, Turkish delight, turn over, turnover, tusk, TV style, twosies, unbrownable, unfair sex, unnatural connection, unnatural debauchery, unnatural sexual intercourse, up the apple-maker, up the bosco boulevard, up the brown, up the bum, up the chocolate highway, up the dirt road, up the mustard road, up the old dirt road, up the shitter, up the ying-yang, uphill gardener, uts, vanilla sex, vice allemand, viral hepatitis, virgin queen, Virginia, wall job, way, weaker sex, weaker vessel, the, wheelman, whitewash the back(side), worship at the back altar, zorber, zorbered

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