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unnatural sexual intercourse:

A disapproving name for sodomy . See anal-copulation for synonyms.
See Also: a bit of bouncy-bouncy, a bit of front door work, a bit of fun, a bit of it, a bit of nifty, a bit of nobble, a bit of ring, a bit of snug, a bit of the old in and out, a little o the one with tother, a piece of flesh, abominable and detestable crime against nature, abominable crime against nature, act of androgynation, act of kind, act of love, act of pleasure, adamize, afternoon gig, alchemy, anal lovemaking, assault with a friendly weapon, baby-gallop, baby-making love, bag of coke, balaclava, balls eye, bandicooting, basiter, basitrix, beat it while the beating is good, bed sports, bedtime story, bedwork, belly slapping, belly warmer, belly-bump, big time, biological event, bit of front door work, bit of nobble, bit of nookey, bit of quimsy, bit of ring, bit of snug, bit of the old in and out, bit of the other, black in white, bold thing, the, bone dance, bulling, bump bellies, bump bones, bump nasties, burn out, bury face upwards, bury it, bury the bishop, butter and eggs, buttonhole work, carnal abuse, carnal connection, carnal knowledge, carnival knowledge, carry-me-down, chafer, chamber combat, chamber games, charvered, chastity, cherry-merry, clinovalent, closed door, closed swinging, coital, coitolimia, coitus a unda, coitus abstentia, coitus condomatus, colpismus, come over, come-up-and-see-me-sometime look, commerce, conjugal act, conjugal embrace, consenting adult, copping, copulater, copulator, couple with, coupling, cow-climbing, crime against nature, cucumber rhumba, cuddle-my-cuddle, cunny-haunted, Cupid's archery, cut a side, cut a slice of the joint, cut off the joint, cyprieunia, dance on the mattress, dance the buttocks jig, dance the goat's jig, dance the married man's cotillion, dance the matrimonial polka, dance the mattress jig, dehorn, detestable crime against nature, dig out, diking, dip one's bill, discinctophilia, do a bit (of beef), do a bottom-wetter, do a grind, do a kindness, do a line with, do a nifty, do one's office, do the agreeable, do the big nasty, do the deed, do the divine work of fatherhood, do the do, do the filth, do the grown-up thing, do the horizontal mambo, do the horizontal tummy bump, do the nasty, do the natural thing, do the naughty, do the rump-shaker, do the story with, do the thing, do the ugly (deed), do the wild thing, do what comes naturally, dog way, doing the thang, draw a blank, drive into it, drive it to home base, dunk the love-muscle, Dutch treat, dying in the saddle, dying with ones boots on, edeapsis, engage in marriage joys, enjoy a man, enjoy a roll in the hay, enjoy a woman, enjoy favors, entertain, erotic congress, exchange bodily fluids, exchange flesh, exercise one's marital rights, fall backward, fall to it, feed the dummy, feed the monkey, fickey fick, fight in armor, first game ever played, first-timer, fish supper, fishing for kippers, flesh session, four-legged frolic, frat, fruit that made man wise, the, fuck by the book, fuck music, fuckathon, full-service, fun and games, get a go at the creamstick, get a leg over, get a piece of ass, get a shot of leg, get a shove in one's blind eye, get at it, get between the sheets with, get down to business, get down to it, get down with, get going, get hilt and hair, get hulled between wind and water, get into bed with, get into the pants of, get it off with, get mud for your turtle, get off the gun, get off with, get on, get one leg over, get one's kettle mended, get one's leg across, get ones end away, get ones jollies, get ones leg lifted, get ones leg over, get rigged, get shot in the tail, get sloppy, get some, get some action, get some area, get some ass, get some big leg, get some cock, get some cold cock, get some leg, get some nookie, get some quim, get some slickem on your hangdown, get some tail, get someone into the cot, get stabbed in the thigh, get stuffed, get to it, get together with, get up (the pole), get wild, get your end away, get your end wet, get your poker wet, getting a piece, getting bent, getting it on, getting your leg-over, gift of one's body, give a hole to hide in, give her a bit of the other, give one a tumble, give soft for hard, give some body, give standing room for one only, give up one's treasure, give way, go at it, go bed-pressing, go belly-thumping, go for a horizontal jog, go stargazing, go to bed with, go to it, go to town, go vaulting, going halvsies on an orgasm, gombo, grease the wheel, gymnophallation, have a banana with, have a bang, have a beef injection, have a bit, have a bit of cock, have a bit of crumpet, have a bit of gutstick, have a bit of jam, have a bit of meat, have a bit of pork, have a bit of rough, have a bit of stuff, have a bit of sugar stick, have a bit of the creamstick, have a blow through, have a cuddle, have a cut off the joint, have a dash in the bloomers, have a fuck, have a good time, have a good time (with), have a jump with, have a nibble, have a piece of ass, have a rattle, have a ride, have a roll in the hay, have a screw, have a shag, have a slice off the joint, have a tumble, have a turn on one's back, have carnal knowledge, have carnal knowledge of, have coition, have coitus with, have fun, have fun with, have intimate relations with, have it off, have one's banana peeled, have one's foul way with, have one's will with, have personal relations with, have relations, have relations with, have sex, have sex meat-to-meat, have sex with, have sexual relations, have sexual relations with, have someone away, have stage fright, have union with, having a bit, having sex, heterocoitus, hide the wienie, hit skins, hobble, homocoitus, hop into bed with, horizontal bop, horizontal exercise, horizontal folk-dancing, hormone fix, hot pudding for supper, humpin' and bumpin', huntch, in the hay, in-and-in, in-and-out jig, in-out, inexperienced, interior sledging, intimate relations, jig-a-jig, jig-jig, jigga-jig, jiggady-jig, jiggy-jig, join giblets, join paunches, jump up and down, knock it off, knot with, ladles' tailoring, laps around the track, last compliment, last favor, last liberties, lay off with, lay the track, lay tube, lay with her feet uppermost, lay your cane in a dusty corner, leap in the dark, leg sliding, lie feet uppermost, lie with, light the lamp, limit, little game of hide-the-sausage, a, lob it, lob it up, lock in key, look at the ceiling, lose it, love work, lovins, make it with, make love with, make someone, make the scene, making a dogs match of it, making bacon, match ends, match with, mattress dancing, mattress jig, meat-to-meat, mingle with, momma-pappa position, morner, myrtle, mysteries of love, mysteries of Venus, naked sin, national indoor sport, nature's duty, naughties, the, naughty but nice, it's, naval engagement, nether work, nonprocreative sex, nurtle, old ball game, old in and out, the, old in-out, the, old one-two, the, old slap and tickle, one with the other, other, the, parallel parking, penoanal intercourse, penovaginal intercourse, personal relations, phallating, phallation, phutz, pickle tickle, pickle-me-tickle-me, piece of flesh, pile, plaster of warm guts, play at stallions and mares, play belly-to-belly, play bouncy-bouncy, play mothers and fathers, play mummies and daddies, play night baseball, play pickle-me-tickle-me, play snuggle-bunnies, play the first game ever played, play the national indoor game, playing twenty toes, pluck and trim, pluke, press the flesh, prick-scouring, procreative sex, put the boots to, putting on the pot, quelch, rattle, riding the elephant trunk of joy, rocking chair, rub groins together, rub offal, rump-shaker, rump-splitting, rumpo, save oneself for marriage, saving it, score with, secret services, see the King, sexarche, sexual concourse, sexual conjunction, sexual embrace, sexual knowledge, sexual liaison, sexual relief, sexual union, sexual variance, sexual variety, shaking the sheets, share a pillow with, sheath the sword to the hilt, shot at the front door, shtoop, skeeze, slam spunk, slap 'n tickle, slap skins, slice the legs off, slip it to, slip it to her, slippin' and slidin', smucking, soul roll, spend the night with, sport of the masses, sport of Venus, spot hard breathing, a, spunk dump, stasivalence, straight lay, sweet agony, sweet death, tail wagging, tail work, take a roll with, take a trip around the parsley patch, take a turn in Bushy Park, take a turn in the bush, take a turn in the hay, take a turn in the stubble, take a turn on Love Lane, take a turn on Mount Pleasant, take a turn on Shooters Hill, take a turn on the aphrodisiacal tennis court, take a turn through the stubble, take in and do for, take someone to bed, take to bed, taking a ride, tap, telasthenia, temuvalent, test the mattress, thrill and chill, thygatria, tit-up, tool it, tooling, tummy-tickling, twist a leg, ugly deed, the, ultimate favor, the, unite, unmentionable vice, unnatural, unnatural act, unnatural sex, unnatural sin, unprotected sex, up to the bumper, up to the hilt, up to your apricots in kipperland, up to your nuts in guts, up-tails-all, vagination, vagino-phallic interaction, variant sexual behavior, Venerean mirth, virgo intacta, weak sister, what Eve did with Adam, what mother did before me, whitewash your guts, wind up the clock, wingding, wriggle navels, zig-zig, zoophallia, zoophallist

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